Some people are so hard to please.

Drive is out today. You’ve heard me talk about it several times before, and if you haven’t seen it, you have yet another chance because you can go buy it on DVD right. now.

Even my friend Clay is excited. Clay has “standards” for movies that keep him from enjoying the otherwise great films I recommend to him.

  • Clayton Joel Cunningham Clayton  You’re the person I know who raved about the movie “Drive” correct?
  • Sara Kuhlman Sara  YES
  • Clayton Joel Cunningham Clayton Ok then. It came to me in the mail today. I’ll let you know what I think. Here’s hoping this isn’t a repeat of Harry Brown or Christmas With The Kranks.
  • Sara Kuhlman Sara  Shut up. Harry Brown was great. And so was the Kranks, although admittedly I shouldn’t have recommended that to you.
  • Clayton Joel Cunningham Clayton Neither of those were great. I have hope for this though. Gossling’s a pretty good actor plus Bryan Cranston is in it so that’s a plus.


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4 responses to “Some people are so hard to please.

  1. They just leap off the page these conversations of ours

  2. I’d love to but my time is limited because I had to go and get a real job. I’m starting to realize why I put off doing page design for so many years. If it isn’t one of the satanic arts, it should be.

    • I thought page design was always something that tortured you? And having a real job is no excuse. It didn’t stop me from seeing any movies and it certainly didn’t stop me from seeing Drive.

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