You know when you visit a new city and wonder what  you’d do if you actually lived in a tourist destination? Well, everything!

London is everything bad and great about living in a big city, plus all the fun touristy British things.

Does hailing cabs make you fabulous?

London’s Secret Garden (Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon)

An autumn weekend in London

I’ll miss pub lunches when I leave England

A typical London morning commute

Robin’s visit to London

Potentially dead

European death trap

A farm in the middle of the city!

My favorite pub

Strawberry Hill

The falling phone booths at Kingston

Planet Earth: Richmond Park Edition

Katzenjammers German restaurant at London Bridge

I love Borough Market.

Autumn bike ride in Hyde Park

Graffiti and fall colors on Goodge Street

4 responses to “London

  1. Cool pics I always wanted 2 go 2 london

  2. I love this posr! I have never traveled anywhere except to Mexico. Thank you sooooo much! You rock!!

  3. Thanks so much for this reminder that we are lucky to live in this crazy city! It’s easy to forget about all the cool stuff on our doorsteps, and brilliant that you’ve listed things that are mostly free or super cheap to visit. Our favourite is definitely Borough Market followed by a pub lunch. Have you checked out Bermondsey Market too? It’s awesome, not as busy but just as many free tastings…! Glad you’re enjoying your time here – keep visiting and posting!


    • Thank you 🙂

      I haven’t visited Bermondsey Market, but I’d like to! I really want to try to visit all the major (or even minor) markets in the city. They’re all so different and so much fun.

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