Cat posts are always popular, and at work people are always forwarding pictures of cats or talking about how cats are amazing. What can I say, I work in a cool office.

My baby Harris

I’ll update this page with all of my cat related posts so you can come here for any of your cat culture needs and news.

Also, check out my sister’s animal blog, furry cousins. It’s great!

Funny kitty videos

What would happen if cats had thumbs?

The barking cat

Klepto Kitty – A real life cat burglar

Burmese Cat Mop

The Art Of Cat Wrapping

Random cat stories

Does your cat sign greetings cards? Mine does.

Is there anything wrong with a pet obsession?

You Are a Monster if You Don’t Think This is Adorable

My cat had a better life than many Americans

When your first pet dies

The Time My Cat Appeared On Cat Idol

4 responses to “Cats

  1. Love the kitties!! Thank you. Fun page.
    Be well,
    Miss R and Lizzie Borden (my tortie Perisan rescue cat who rules the house)

  2. Your cat is so cute! What a life he must lead! Not a care in the world, just like my cat Pepper.

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