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All you need on a snow day

A fluffy lil kitty! Apparently it’s snowing in Ohio.

It hasn’t yet dropped even a speck of snow in London this winter, but nonetheless I’d still like to have Harris here to keep me warm!


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Dang wind.

Some pictures of my neighborhood in the US. Photos by Karen and her snazzy new phone. I hate wind.

When I was in high school my dad was teaching me to drive. We went to a deserted parking lot and when I opened the door  some papers flew out. I ran to get them, but the force of my run plus the raging wind picked me straight up off the ground and blew me over. You might be laughing, but I was really shaken! Forces of nature are scary.

My hands ended up like this:

All the squiggles are blood and scratches from the rocky street.

I hate wind.


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An American in London on Aug. 4

An American in London on August 4 will wake up to go to work. The American will get dressed, as any person would do. If the American is from Florida, or pretty much any state that has a summer, the American will put on a snazzy Banana Republic office-type “professional” skirt because it’s in the middle of summer and should be blazing hot.

When she decides to go down the road to get a McDonald’s breakfast that skirt will start sounding more and more like a bad idea. Goosebumps and severe chills will set in. At the end of the 7 minute walk the American will notice that her fingernails have started to turn blue from the cold wind. Yes, an actual blue shade.

I say August 4th like this is an odd day out. Nope! It has rarely gotten above 70 this summer, and when/if it has it doesn’t feel like it because the air never actually gets warm. As soon as a cloud rolls in front of the sun, which happens a lot, the temperature drops about 10 degrees.

I’m not complaining even though it sounds like a dressed-up complaint. I just want people to know what it’s like to live in England! People love to talk about the weather. Why? I don’t know, but here is some weather talk.

I’m also not saying I hate England … I have an English husband. One could compare this to the racist who isn’t racist because he/she has a black friend. Coincidentally I could say this as well seeing as how my  husband is black (well, white/black).

I’m not actually a racist. I do have a brain. When I was young I didn’t even know racist was a thing. My first friend was black and I always assumed it was just like when people have different color hair, except with skin. My mom said she bought me black Barbies to mix in with my white ones so I wouldn’t grow up to be a little racist, so ever since I was born I was never accustomed to thinking people of different races were any different. I hate all people equally.

Seriously, though. I do a lot of fun things in London and living here enables me to travel Europe on the dirt cheap. I just wish I could feel warm once again. The last time I felt truly hot was when I was really sick two weeks ago and I had a fever so I was sweating everywhere (when I wasn’t shaking from chills).


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