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Mitchell, Mulder and Scully

I had a dream two weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it:

In my dream I had a poltergeist in my house, and there was also a serial killer on the loose. Double whammy. Enter Mulder and Scully. I jumped in the SUV with them and noticed we had a tail. They didn’t notice until I told them, so that shows you how keen my eye is. I think it was due to my new specs I got that weekend (in real life).¬†They were so impressed with my investigative skills that I got to join their team. I was psyched. Then my dream ended.

I didn’t forget, though. I never watched the show until recently, and boy is it exciting. I’m on Season Three right now. I can’t easily get to sleep unless I watch an episode of X-files, and on Friday I didn’t want to go out on the town, London town, because I couldn’t wait to get home.

Just chillin’ in Skinner’s office:

And here I am again:

I kind of crossed the line on that one, didn’t I?



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