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The Skype family photo album

As I mentioned in my last post, I Skype with my family a lot and have spent all of my holidays the past couple years staring into a webcam. I always take a lot of snapshots while we’re talking, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I looked through the folder saved on my hard drive. I’m not sure why, I just never looked at them.

I’m glad I took all of them, but it made me sad!  I found pictures of poor Boo, who recently joined Star Clan. (Star Clan is a term from the Warriors series of books about different clans of cats who live in the forest and fight each other. When the cats die they join Star Clan.)

This is one of my favorite pictures I found, from a random Sunday chat:

What family photo album is complete without an ugly snapshot of me?

I have no idea why that one was so huge, and little baby Harris here is so tiny. Oh well.



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Easter Sunday abroad

Easter Sunday went down in history like every other holiday has for the past three years of living in England – Skype with the family while I eat a non-traditional meal by myself. At thanksgiving it was canned spinach and something else, and this weekend it was twice-baked southwestern sweet potatoes. No chocolate bunnies or peeps. 😦

And here are snapshots of my grandma with her colored eggs and chocolate angel food peepcake she makes every year.

Oh, were you thinking I was going to talk about all the fun ways in which English people celebrate Easter? Sorry, I think it’s the same. Except coloring Easter eggs is a lot harder because all of the eggs are brown. We managed last year, but they ended up getting a little immature and maybe obscene. (But then again, we were coloring eggs so I think it’s OK to be immature.)

Also, us Brits (real ones and immigrants like me)  got Friday AND Monday off work for the Easter holiday, so I guess that’s cool.

There’s also another four-day weekend next weekend. Friday is for The Royal Wedding, and Monday is one of the random “bank” holidays England sometimes has.  You’re jealous, aren’t you? You’re jealous of my Easter eggs, and you’re jealous of all my holidays. 23 days plus all national holidays! It makes up a tiny bit for spending all my holidays on Skype.

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Wow. The things I never thought I’d learn about Adrian Grenier

I always thought Adrian Grenier was kind of cute.

Then I found out that his wang smells bad and he has a hairy butt.  How did I find this out?

Sometimes I become immature. I was getting ready to put the computer on Adrian’s (my husband) side of the bed when I decided to play a little dumb trick I sometimes do.  I left one tab on Google open and entered the words “Adrian smells …” but Google started predicting before I finished typing and came up with tons of websites.

The top three included sites about:

– Satanism

– Butternut squash cous cous

– How “apparently Adrian Grenier’s penis does not smell good.”

I had a little laugh, then decided to finish my dumb joke.

I entered “Adrian smells like a hairy butthole” into the search tab, not expecting anything to come up. That way Adrian would go to search something and find my little love letter.

But then this came up as the top search and I didn’t even press search:

“Adrian Grenier Has a Hairy Ass”

I love Google.


***UPDATE: Since posting this, if you Google “Adrian smells like a hairy butthole,” my blog is the number one website! Cool, huh?


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Today Show in Jan 1994 – What is the Internet??

I don’t remember what life was like before the Internet. We’ve had a computer since I was about 7, and Internet not long after.

I’ve always wondered what it must be like for people who were adults when the Internet came around, and now I know:

You know what else I don’t remember? Life before TV remote controls. Some Brits (who are roughly my age)  in my office were talking about how they remember the days when they had to get up and switch the TV manually.

I had a really confused face, because I thought this stopped happening in like 1965. This was something I only saw in black and white TV shows. Then I remembered I’d heard Brits didn’t get more than four TV channels* until around the early to mid 90s, and they confirmed this was true. Yes, you read me right. Four channels. Mid 90s. Man I had a giggle fit.

Don’t worry – they have channels now! (and remotes)

* Adrian said: “Could you put in there that although we only had 4 channels they were packed full of quality programs (programmes), like Only Fools and Horses, Monty Python, Blackadder, Keeping Up Appearances, Red Dwarf, etc. They’ve stood the test of time.”


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Deutschland Uber Alles And Other December Happenings

I just moved apartments, or “flats” as they are called here. You know the best thing about my move? I moved across the hall, as in three feet away. If you are ever planning to move, move across the hall. I can’t recommend it enough. In about an hour most of our stuff was already moved. No boxes, no moving trucks!

Hm. That picture didn’t go as expected, but I can’t really change it since I’m at work and they probably frown upon drawing stick people. I wasn’t meant to be floating in the air, and it’s disappointing that my legs are grossly out of proportion.

Other than that, I’m the happiest of campers. Our new place is much bigger and nicer, with an additional bedroom, a shower that has water pressure and a temperature setting other than scalding, heaters that work and double glazing on our windows so my buns don’t freeze off anymore.

What all of this means is that I won’t be able to post pictures for a while until our Internet gets hooked up. Unfortunate, because it’s Christmastime and I’m going to Cologne, Germany for the xmas markets next weekend. You’ll have to wait for pics of my new apartment and glorious Deutschland. GLORIOUS DEUTSCHLAND!! Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles!

Have I mentioned that I really, really love Germany?

Seeing as how our Internet is being installed in England, by English people, it could be up to two months before I have Internet again. They say it will be 2-3 weeks, but we’ll see. In case you are not aware about this lovely little aspect of British culture, if you have a problem with bad service (which you are almost guaranteed to get), don’t bother complaining. They don’t care, and you might as well talk to a wall.

Last time we needed our Internet hooked up it took Virgin more than 3 weeks to fit us in.  I took a day off work and waited the entire day. They never showed up, so Adrian called and they lied to him and told him they called me and I agreed to reschedule for another three weeks in the future. A bunch of other stuff happened, but basically we moved in at the beginning of December and got Internet the beginning of Feb.

You also won’t be able to see pictures from Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park! I can’t wait. It’s a huge Christmas festival in the giant park kind of near Buckingham Palace.

In other news, I am itching to change my blog. I am tired of black. I feel the way I feel when my hair gets too long and I just have to chop it off. I have to. I’m strongly considering switching to the white Vigilance WordPress theme.

It’s a big deal because I’ve always been black. Anyone who wants to tell me their opinion on my blog being black or white, please feel free. I may not listen, but then again I may. You have nothing to lose.

Also, my mom is coming to visit in March!! I’m taking her on a trip to Europe, but she doesn’t know where yet. It’s a surprise. It probably won’t be a surprise for much longer. I can’t keep surprises a secret. Maybe I should tell her. I read an article in the NY Times that said anticipation of events is a big part of what makes people happy. If she doesn’t know where she is going, how can she get excited? For all she knows we could be going to Bratislava or something like that.

Oh yeah, I have booked tickets for a long weekend in Paris during January, and I’m really excited.

Yeah, so … will you still read me if I’m white?


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A few thoughts on de-cluttering your Facebook friends list

Seeing The Social Network made me think about the early days of Facebook, and how even from the beginning it seemed like a natural part of life. Since Facebook came into our lives what would once have been a one-time, forgettable meeting with some people has turned into a life-long connection. Or has it?

One time in college I was walking through the commons when I ran into a mere acquaintance, who introduced me to his girlfriend because she happened to be standing there.

I went back to my dorm and checked Facebook, because that’s what you do as soon as you log onto any computer in the world, isn’t it?

I saw the exciting little tab telling me I had a friend request so my face smiled.

“Woo hoo! Someone added me as a friend! Wait a second … who is this?”

It was the girl I had just met in the commons. A bit creepy because I didn’t even know her, and this meant she went straight home, searched for me, and clicked “add.” I’m pretty sure this violates the unspoken Facebook code of ethics. You wait at least a couple weeks after regular contact with a person before you even begin to think, “Should I add this person on Facebook?”

I didn’t want to, but I accepted because it would be awkward if I ran into her on campus again, which I invariably would considering our school wasn’t that big and I occasionally had classes with her boyfriend.

After Facebook became a natural part of life and people were pushing 100-200 people on their friends list, I started hearing people discussing “cleaning up” their Facebook lists.

It’s surprising the amount of people who find going through their friend list and deleting people to be a hilarious activity.

I didn’t find it funny, but I thought, “Sure, why not delete a few people? I’m probably never going to see them again, especially that one guy’s girlfriend at this point, so why should they be cluttering my list?”

Then I got cleared off someone’s list.

WTF?? I worked with that girl for like TWO YEARS!! Sure, we weren’t really friends, but we certainly weren’t enemies or under any kind of distressing terms of friendship.

I didn’t mind her on my list – despite the fact that she stole my lunch straight out the freezer at work one day – because any time I happened to see her profile it reminded me of my good ol’ days at the book store.

Do I care about her life at all? No, not really. Actually no, not in the slightest. Still, that miniscule amount of rejection annoyed me. I’m in no way unique, so although it doesn’t bother many people I’m not alone in this matter.

Every time I find out I’ve been deleted I sit back in my chair at the annoyance that someone deleted me, that someone couldn’t stand the thought of my stupid little face popping up in their friends section every few months – if ever.

People with whom you have no contact will rarely, if ever, appear in your news feed, so what’s the bother?

After talking about this with Adrian I came to the conclusion that there is no point of deleting someone on a list that has no limits, a list on which you can privatize or block almost anything you don’t want to see or don’t want people to see. I guess it makes people feel important.

Also, it’s not like you have to search through hundreds of people to find someone. You simply have to type the first letter of their first name or the first letter of their last name and Facebook’s search tool will auto complete so you don’t even have to type the full name!

If you are really concerned about your amount of friends, you won’t be deleting a few people here and there, you’ll be deleting people by the hundreds. I don’t know anyone who has more than a few real friends. So what’s the point?

At the very least, if you are going to delete people don’t announce it on your newsfeed and tell everyone you are about to take out the trash on your friends list so if they don’t see you anymore they didn’t make the cut! Wow, thanks. I feel SO privileged to have made this cut because you are so amazing.

I’ve actually seen several people make this type of announcement. Every time I see that I wish I’d get the boot.

Obviously a lot of people wouldn’t care about being deleted, and really, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But I’m never going to delete people because I don’t want to risk hurting anyone’s feelings over something that just doesn’t need to be done.


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Is it Possible to Murder Your Twitter Bird?

For a long time I didn’t think people actually used Twitter for anything other than saying they had a Twitter.

It seemed like over night every company had a “Follow us on Twitter!” Naturally I assumed they had Twitter only because they wanted to try to seem cool so they all jumped on the bandwagon and signed up, but what could they possibly have to say that anyone cared about? Even so, I did the same thing. I signed up for a Twitter and began vigorously updating. That lasted for about 5 posts.

My last update:

wondering if I will die from Swine Flu next year. 12:13 AM Jul 30th, 2009 via web

I didn’t die, but this God-awful thing happened:

Due to severe neglect, my Twitter bird starved to death and his eyes were tweeted out by other hungry Twitter birds.

For the past year I have been receiving e-mails telling me that various porn stars/sex sites/random spam is now following me, so that made me feel popular, but not popular enough to log in again. I tortured my Twitter bird with the possibility of a log-in, but it happened a year too late.

Psych! I did torture him by not logging in for a year, but the picture you see above is purely fictitious. My bird saved all of my details despite my not having logged in for more than a year! Everyone is safe and I can resume tweeting.

Twitter even retained a checklist of things I still need to do, including connecting my phone to my account so I can update from anywhere! Ha. Good luck connecting Alcatel. I can hardly get Alcatel to stay turned on for too many hours in a row before it decides it wants to turn off on its own accord. Some people might call that a crap phone. I call it artificial intelligence. He’s had enough so he turns off. Being a cell phone is hard work, you know, with answering all the calls and texts that no one makes to my phone. He gets tired.

I might give Twitter a third try, but I think having a cell phone to update is pretty much essential to Twitterific posts so my bird my “die” again.

So … follow me on Twitter? www.twitter.com/sarakuhlman


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Life: A Warshin’ Stick And A Netbook

Today I had an experience that led me to believe for a short second that in the future I might be one of those obese people who lives life from the safety of the couch. Bathing, eating, shopping, etc.

I have been seriously considering purchasing the book One Day, and when I saw a positive review of it on a blog I sometimes read, I immediately went to Amazon.co.uk and had the book purchased within one minute. The fact that I went straight there isn’t what’s alarming. It’s that it was so easy and it felt so good! Amazon is brilliant because they store your credit card information, so the annoying part of having to whip your card out, type in 20 numbers, type in your address, blah blah – those days are over. (I’m sure they’ve been over for a long time, but I’m new to repeat online shopping)

All I have to do is put it in my “basket” then a couple clicks later and it’s in transit. Almost. On August 4 it will be in transit.

This is the fifth time I’ve done this in the past couple months. As I clicked to order today, that’s when I got my vision. I was so happy because I thought, “Wow, I didn’t have to fight any crowds and smell stinky people (only really a problem in London). I got a deal on a brand new book. Why do I ever leave the house to buy anything??”

Recent Amazon.co.uk purchases:

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, by Walter Isaacson

Einstein, also by Isaacson

Alone in Berlin, by Hans Fallada (USA title is Every Man Dies Alone)

Lonely Planet Berlin travel guide

One Day, by David Nicholls

I think this is like a modern day shopping network. I could never understand why people buy things off the shopping network. The clothes are hideous, the homeware is ugly, and everything else is grossly overpriced.

I’ll continue online shopping for now, but let’s hope I can stop before I get to the point where I’m on the couch asking Adrian for my warshin’ stick and my netbook. For you English people who don’t know, some Southern-influenced (to use a politically correct term) Americans say “warsh” instead of “wash.”

I say netbook because that’s what I have now, a little computer for a little person, although I imagine if I gained 300 pounds I might need a full-blown laptop. I don’t currently like laptops because they burn my legs off and they make me very uncomfortable because of the weight.


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