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The time I went to Paris and forgot to tell you

Technically I told you I went to Paris, but I didn’t post many pics. And if by chance I did post all these and forgot, too bad. Looking at pictures of Paris is fun. One of my friends recently went to Paris and before she left she was asking me about my trip earlier this year. I went to my blog and looked through my posts, but it turns out I posted only a few details and never any pictures of the city.

So, 10 months later, here are a few highlights of our wonderfully amazing trip to Paris.

This is the bridge they walk on in the movie Inception.

Look left (or right depending on where you are) and you’ll see the Eiffel Tower.

Concorde fountain statue

Paris definitely has the coolest signs in the world for their underground transportation system.

I learned aaalllll  about croque monsieur, toasted ham and cheese on bread. I also learned to drink espresso in Paris. Any time we asked for coffee that’s what we got. This time I was lucky and got iced!

I want to go back to Paris.

For pics of the Louvre and Mona Lisa click here.

For pics of the dead underground of Paris (Catacombs) click here.


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Um, when did Emma Watson become a little French boy?

This is a little boy on a movie poster I saw in France. Is it just me, or does he have the exact same face as Emma Watson?



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Where’s Waldo in Paris?

Nowhere, because he doesn’t exist in Paris. His evil twin, Charlie, is the one who hides in Paris.

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The dead side of Paris

Did you know that below the streets of Paris there is an extensive tunnel network that also holds thousands of human bones? When Paris’ cemeteries were overflowing and causing public health problems in the 18th century they decided to exhume the bodies and bury them in the Catacombs below the streets.

For 8 Euros you can walk through the tunnels and see this:

It seems to go on forever. You walk and walk through long dark, and sometimes low-ceiling tunnels lined with the neatly stacked bones of thousands of Parisians.

Parts of it also used to be a mine, and here is a well they used as a water source.

You think this is an average cute Parisian apartment building, but directly below these houses are bone-filled Catacombs.

Well … we are sightseeing so why not snap a pic?

Yeah, it was cool.


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Ever wonder what the Mona Lisa actually looks like?

I took the train to Paris this weekend, and I took so many pictures I’ll have to post in installments!

You see so many reproductions and mock Mona Lisa pictures that when you actually see it after walking through such a grand building with giant pictures it seems small!

Most of the time I was too busy looking at the ceilings and architecture to look at the paintings.

The view from inside the Louvre, where you buy your tickets.

And another view of the big triangle from inside one of the galleries.

Before we left late Sunday we decided to walk around the Louvre and take some night pictures.

More pics to come later!


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