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Parents on Facebook: Friend or Don’t Friend?

A blogger I follow wrote about how she only recently added her parents on Facebook, despite living 4,000 miles away from them. I couldn’t believe it! But then I started thinking about it, and I wouldn’t want most people’s parents as my friends on Facebook or real life if they were my parents.

I guess I got lucky. My parents are cool, and many of my friends are also friends with them.

See, look how cool they are in action, making me dinner, placing it on the table in front of me, etc.

Sometimes I think maybe they’re not cool. Maybe it’s just that I’m so boring and dorky I have nothing questionable floating about in the Facebook sphere to cause concern, and that’s why I can’t see any problem being friends with them. Even if I did engage in nefarious activities, would I be broadcasting them on Facebook anyway? No.

I don’t like how everything has to be “cool.”  Why can’t we just live life, instead of having to say snotty stuff like, “Oh, I can’t be on Facebook now that my grandparents are on it.” I mean, if you don’t want to be on Facebook, fine. But it annoys me when people act like they’re too cool for school. Or grandmas.

Again, maybe this is because I was blessed with a cool grandma, but so what? Grandma watches South Park, says bad words, and plays evil tricks on me like when we went fishing and she tossed a worm in my ear and slapped a big wet fish on my bare back. She’s not on Facebook, but if she did join she’d be way cooler than the tool sheds who’d leave because of her.

Here’s the chart I saw on this gal’s blog. Still kinda funny!

I guess my point is, if your parents suck at life and you’d rather not be reminded of them, fine. Don’t add them. But if you’re not adding them out of some commitment to being cool, you’re not cool. Add them.


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A few thoughts on de-cluttering your Facebook friends list

Seeing The Social Network made me think about the early days of Facebook, and how even from the beginning it seemed like a natural part of life. Since Facebook came into our lives what would once have been a one-time, forgettable meeting with some people has turned into a life-long connection. Or has it?

One time in college I was walking through the commons when I ran into a mere acquaintance, who introduced me to his girlfriend because she happened to be standing there.

I went back to my dorm and checked Facebook, because that’s what you do as soon as you log onto any computer in the world, isn’t it?

I saw the exciting little tab telling me I had a friend request so my face smiled.

“Woo hoo! Someone added me as a friend! Wait a second … who is this?”

It was the girl I had just met in the commons. A bit creepy because I didn’t even know her, and this meant she went straight home, searched for me, and clicked “add.” I’m pretty sure this violates the unspoken Facebook code of ethics. You wait at least a couple weeks after regular contact with a person before you even begin to think, “Should I add this person on Facebook?”

I didn’t want to, but I accepted because it would be awkward if I ran into her on campus again, which I invariably would considering our school wasn’t that big and I occasionally had classes with her boyfriend.

After Facebook became a natural part of life and people were pushing 100-200 people on their friends list, I started hearing people discussing “cleaning up” their Facebook lists.

It’s surprising the amount of people who find going through their friend list and deleting people to be a hilarious activity.

I didn’t find it funny, but I thought, “Sure, why not delete a few people? I’m probably never going to see them again, especially that one guy’s girlfriend at this point, so why should they be cluttering my list?”

Then I got cleared off someone’s list.

WTF?? I worked with that girl for like TWO YEARS!! Sure, we weren’t really friends, but we certainly weren’t enemies or under any kind of distressing terms of friendship.

I didn’t mind her on my list – despite the fact that she stole my lunch straight out the freezer at work one day – because any time I happened to see her profile it reminded me of my good ol’ days at the book store.

Do I care about her life at all? No, not really. Actually no, not in the slightest. Still, that miniscule amount of rejection annoyed me. I’m in no way unique, so although it doesn’t bother many people I’m not alone in this matter.

Every time I find out I’ve been deleted I sit back in my chair at the annoyance that someone deleted me, that someone couldn’t stand the thought of my stupid little face popping up in their friends section every few months – if ever.

People with whom you have no contact will rarely, if ever, appear in your news feed, so what’s the bother?

After talking about this with Adrian I came to the conclusion that there is no point of deleting someone on a list that has no limits, a list on which you can privatize or block almost anything you don’t want to see or don’t want people to see. I guess it makes people feel important.

Also, it’s not like you have to search through hundreds of people to find someone. You simply have to type the first letter of their first name or the first letter of their last name and Facebook’s search tool will auto complete so you don’t even have to type the full name!

If you are really concerned about your amount of friends, you won’t be deleting a few people here and there, you’ll be deleting people by the hundreds. I don’t know anyone who has more than a few real friends. So what’s the point?

At the very least, if you are going to delete people don’t announce it on your newsfeed and tell everyone you are about to take out the trash on your friends list so if they don’t see you anymore they didn’t make the cut! Wow, thanks. I feel SO privileged to have made this cut because you are so amazing.

I’ve actually seen several people make this type of announcement. Every time I see that I wish I’d get the boot.

Obviously a lot of people wouldn’t care about being deleted, and really, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But I’m never going to delete people because I don’t want to risk hurting anyone’s feelings over something that just doesn’t need to be done.


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Is there anything wrong with a pet obsession?

People always make fun of people who love their pets to the extreme, but I have decided I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.  (Unless it turns into some disgusting violation of the animal.)

As far as license plates, checks, T-shirts go, I think this is OK. This animal bond is making the human and the cat feel loved and happy, and I can’t see what’s wrong with a little love.

If you just thought, “Yeah right. A cat is in no way benefitting from a personal check or car license plate,” you are wrong. These are simply expressions of the human’s love for his/her cat, and the cat is very much benefitting from all this extra love.

Look at it this way: the cat gear is love overflow, and we all know the world needs more love!

People make fun of Karen, my sister, for loving Boo more than she loves most people. Here is Karen with Boo at my wedding party. Boo was wearing her pink bridesmaid dress because the theme was pink. Don’t they look happy together?

Another thing people get mad about is when  people dress up their animals. I think this is hilarious, and it doesn’t harm them or anyone else. Laughing makes people happy. If the animals don’t like it they won’t let you do it, like Harris. He refuses to wear anything but a tie. Anything else and he says: NO. 

How can you look at this picture and not think “AWWWWW!!!”? He’s so intellectual.

Clearly we love putting our cats in clothes, so naturally Karen entered Boo, her sweet Lady Boo, in the PetSmart Halloween competition. If you notice I drew arrows pointing to the fact that out of roughly 7,000 animals who have been entered into this competition, Lady Boo is ranked NUMBER FOUR in the amount of comments!

Below is a screenshot of where you should be visiting every day.  Karen could win up to $1,000 cash if Boo wins – but that’s not the best part. If Boo wins she will appear in a PetSmart commercial!

I turned into a 14-year-old girl and accidentally drew a heart around Zac Efron’s sexy face … and then a heart around Back to the Future. Facebook ads really understand me. They just … get me.

First, click here. Go to the upper right and click on “View and Vote.” You’ll have to allow the application, but it’s OK. I’m against applications but this one is fine.

Then click back on your browser and you will go back to Lady Boo.  Now you will be allowed to click the paw underneath her picture to vote for her. You can also now leave comments, which you should so she’ll win.

Pet obsessions: everyone wins.


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