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Easter Sunday abroad

Easter Sunday went down in history like every other holiday has for the past three years of living in England – Skype with the family while I eat a non-traditional meal by myself. At thanksgiving it was canned spinach and something else, and this weekend it was twice-baked southwestern sweet potatoes. No chocolate bunnies or peeps. 😦

And here are snapshots of my grandma with her colored eggs and chocolate angel food peepcake she makes every year.

Oh, were you thinking I was going to talk about all the fun ways in which English people celebrate Easter? Sorry, I think it’s the same. Except coloring Easter eggs is a lot harder because all of the eggs are brown. We managed last year, but they ended up getting a little immature and maybe obscene. (But then again, we were coloring eggs so I think it’s OK to be immature.)

Also, us Brits (real ones and immigrants like me)  got Friday AND Monday off work for the Easter holiday, so I guess that’s cool.

There’s also another four-day weekend next weekend. Friday is for The Royal Wedding, and Monday is one of the random “bank” holidays England sometimes has.  You’re jealous, aren’t you? You’re jealous of my Easter eggs, and you’re jealous of all my holidays. 23 days plus all national holidays! It makes up a tiny bit for spending all my holidays on Skype.


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How *not* to break up with someone

Dear High School Self,

If you really must break up with someone by e-mail, you should probably ensure he is not on vacation in a place where he doesn’t have internet access and likely won’t read it for a few days.

When he comes back to school Monday and acts like nothing is wrong, rather than thinking, “Wow, he is taking this so well. He’s so mature,” assume instead he has not read the e-mail and is going to be really mad when he reads it two days later and finds out everyone but him knew he was dumped.

Better yet, don’t dump anyone over e-mail. Or text. Boys don’t like to date girls for almost two years and then receive a Dear John text.

Don’t be a jerk.

Yours truly,

Future Self


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