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All you need on a snow day

A fluffy lil kitty! Apparently it’s snowing in Ohio.

It hasn’t yet dropped even a speck of snow in London this winter, but nonetheless I’d still like to have Harris here to keep me warm!



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Action shot.

Karen posted this on my Facebook today. (Also be sure to check her site because she’s put up some good posts. The latest is about a poor pig who was getting sexually frustrated because his man part was so tiny it got stuck inside of him!)


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Check this out!

My sister has started a new blog about animals at www.furrycousins.com.


It’s mainly her blog, but I’ll be writing as well on occasion. It was another chance for me to practice CSS, and I like how her site turned out much better than my own. Check it out and let us know what you think!


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How to get rid of cat hair

Ever leave the house and realize you’ve got cat hair all over you? Cat hair is a menace. It’s everywhere.

Stop it at the source:

Somehow I don’t think fluffy boy Harris would allow this.

photo by Karen


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Does your cat sign greeting cards?

Mine does.

We always make sure to have our cat “sign” cards to members of the family on holidays, birthdays, whatever. We write “Harris” in really shaky handwriting, like he’s just a little boy who is still learning how to write. Sometimes we also draw a paw print or try to outline the paw,  although that generally doesn’t work as well because you know how cats are.

One time Harris actually bought my dad a Father’s Day card specifically from him. The card had a picture of a ginger cat on it and he was sitting in a home between two framed pictures of kids. The inside read something like “I may not look the same as your other kids, but I love you just as much.” Then it was signed by Harris and given to my dad.

Last year Harris got me a Mother’s Day card:


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When your first pet dies.

Some girls know from a young age that they want to be mothers. They carry baby dolls around and practice for when the real thing happens. One time for a middle school class project I had a bag of rice that I was supposed to put clothes on and pretend like it was my baby, and I was so interested that my “baby” spent most of its short life in the back of my locker.

The only time I’ve ever felt maternal was when I was preparing for the arrival of our little baby girl, Tiger. I was 10 and we’d never had a family pet before. I’d wanted a cat for so long that I couldn’t think about anything else besides how much I was going to love and take care of Tiger. I always imagined this is how women feel when they think about having a baby.

She was still a really small Calico kitten when she came to live with us and I loved her SO much even though she was kind of evil. She was so out of control that we had to get another cat, Boo, for her to play with so she wouldn’t run around biting our feet anymore.

They became best friends, or a lesbian couple, however you want to look at it. Boo was the only cat Tiger ever loved.  Boo joined Star Clan back in March, and like any long time lover Tiger joined Star Clan yesterday after only 3 months without her Boo. My friend at work said it’s like The Cat Notebook.

This picture made me so sad! It was taken this weekend while she was sick before they could get her to the vet.

Here is Tiger back when she was healthy during an Easter photoshoot my sister did with the cats. Don’t laugh. Karen is a photographer and we love our cats.

Tiger on the Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Us together about 3 years ago.

Tiger loved to read at night with her daddy. She’d sit there every night and just look at the pages. Kind of weird actually!

Tiger even loved her New York Times.

Goodbye Tiger!


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Random adorable cat picture

Look at my boy!


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Photos from home. I swear to God they are.

My mom has a new phone so she’s been able to e-mail me quick pictures of what’s happening back home. It looks like certain kitties have been busy!

Did you notice my dad’s pants in that picture? He’s going for the Donnie Baker Zubaz look. I saw Donnie Baker live once, and he was wearing the same Pork Star shirt my dad has. In Columbus, Ohio there is a BBQ restaurant called Hoggy’s, and if you beat the Hoggy’s challenge you get a free shirt that says PORK STAR on the back. You have to eat a ridiculous amount, like a rack of ribs, half a chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, etc.

If you don’t know who Donnie Baker is, then you won’t get this blog post title either.

Here’s a song that’s kind of a compilation of some of the stuff he talks about when he calls into the Bob & Tom radio show. It’s this guy who pretends to be a total redneck hick, and he’s always cracking rude jokes, talking about trying to sell his boat, making fun of his idiot manager Randy,  or telling stories about all the women he porks. His band is called Donnie Baker and the Pork Pistols.


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I feel bad for my mom

Most daughters have annoying mothers who constantly ask them when they are going to start popping out little bambinos. I’ve had many people ask me when I’m going to start having kids, but my parents have never said a word.

I asked my mom if she wanted grandchildren and why she never asked us, and she said she does, but she didn’t want to be annoying because she knows how it feels to have people hassle you.

My sister isn’t any closer to having children. I worry that one day my mom is going to have to wear this shirt:

You can purchase the shirt here.


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The Skype family photo album

As I mentioned in my last post, I Skype with my family a lot and have spent all of my holidays the past couple years staring into a webcam. I always take a lot of snapshots while we’re talking, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I looked through the folder saved on my hard drive. I’m not sure why, I just never looked at them.

I’m glad I took all of them, but it made me sad!  I found pictures of poor Boo, who recently joined Star Clan. (Star Clan is a term from the Warriors series of books about different clans of cats who live in the forest and fight each other. When the cats die they join Star Clan.)

This is one of my favorite pictures I found, from a random Sunday chat:

What family photo album is complete without an ugly snapshot of me?

I have no idea why that one was so huge, and little baby Harris here is so tiny. Oh well.


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My cat had a better life than many Americans

When it comes to discussions of ending a suffering animal’s life, there is no discussion on the morality of it. It’s always a “when” discussion.

One week ago our famous cat Boo had to be put down due to kidney failure. She and her “sister,” Tiger, were our first family pets 16 years ago, so Boo is the first family pet death we’ve gone through.

In college we spent a brief time studying euthanasia, and I can’t forget the stories we read about people begging to be allowed to just die. There was a story of one man in particular who was dying of cancer and was in such horrible pain, but every time his heart stopped they would rush in and save him, prolonging his “life” for no reason. The nurse in the story said she couldn’t bear any longer hearing him begging to be allowed to die, so when his alarm went off  she waited a couple minutes before calling  in the people to save him.

I don’t really think religious arguments are fit to be considered here because they are generally so hypocritical and irrational that you can’t take them seriously. It is certainly a complicated subject, but I think it comes down to us not being able to trust ourselves with such great responsibility. Looking at humanity’s past and all the unspeakable things we still do to each other when given power, it is scary to give people the right to assist the terminally ill in welcoming death.

I’ve also thought a lot about the fact that Boo had a better life than many Americans. She had excellent health and dental care, and she never suffered in the slightest. I always thought it was sad that an animal with no concept of what dental/health coverage is had lifelong coverage with no question of whether she would ever be denied or dropped.

I still can’t understand how some people think it’s acceptable for anyone to be denied health care and basic dental care when they wouldn’t dare treat their pets with such disregard.

Hopefully with the changes in our healthcare now and in the future people will no longer have to aspire to the coverage our pets receive.


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“Klepto Kitty” – A real life cat burglar

I’m not even going to apologize for this. If you’ve never watched a single video I’ve ever posted, I urge you to watch this one because I couldn’t stop laughing.

It’s about a cat burglar, and he’s stolen so many things from the neighbors (more than 600 items) that he was featured on Animal Planet.

If there’s an ad and you can’t skip over it, don’t click away. This video is worth the wait!


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The Time My Cat Appeared On Cat Idol

… except there’s no such thing as Cat Idol. For some reason they stopped with American Idol.

This left us in a pickle. Here we had a cat, Boo, who loves performing, but she had no creative outlet.

Enter Cat Idol.

With a video camera, a cardboard box, three pictures of cat heads and a snapshot of the Idol judges we were able to create an award-winning show. Except it didn’t win awards.

We simply took a picture of Simon, Paula and Randy and then photoshopped three cat heads over their faces.

Then we got recordings of their voices so they could “speak” to Boo before and after her performance. Here’s my star girl on her birthday last year:

Sorry I don’t have a picture of her during production. I’ll explain more on that in a minute.

If you are wondering where the cardboard box comes in, have you thought about how Boo was going to get to the audition? We did. We shot a scene of Boo rolling down the highway in her box car and rocking out to 38 Special’s Hold On Loosely. To make it look like the cat is rocking out all you need to do is shake the box a little.

Don’t worry, if she didn’t like it she could walk away!

Unfortunately production came to a halt because I moved to England. Perhaps my sister Karen can release the unedited footage of Boo’s Cat Idol audition. Either that, or when I finally move back to the US we can finish production. I don’t think that’s as likely, considering her kidneys have started to fail and she probably has only another year of life in her before Dr. McKenzie recommends she be put down.

People talk about needing a creative outlet. Well, let me tell you something I’ve discovered over the years. There’s no better way to foster creativity than to not have many friends. You also need to make sure that the friends you do have are as weird, if not weirder, than you. That way you can do weird things with/around other people and not feel like too much of a loser.  Luckily I have Karen as a sister! This is Karen and her baby at my wedding party last year. Boo is in her pink bridesmaid dress.

As for the weird friends, take my friend who sleeps only in a sleeping bag and refuses to wipe his butt with anything other than Cottonelle wet wipes, which he describes as “a moist adult wipe so refreshing, it transformed each act of defecation into a cause for celebration.” Or my friend who spends her time finding ways to make apples “talk,” making graphs analyzing her coolness level, or making tiny paper Doctor Who fez hats.

If my other friends had an online presence, I’d make fun of them as well.

These friends may make fun of my sister and me for loving Boo, but they are the ones who occasionally get back to me with songs they have created about Boo (they got the idea from us and it stuck with them).

Here is a recent Facebook wall post I received from my sleeping bag friend:

Your stupid cat themed parodies struck me again today, in the form of “Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, I gotta bad case of lovin’ Boo.” Highly inaccurate!

He also claims we ruined his favorite song because now every time he hears it he thinks of replacing the words with Boo.

You can do it with any song. One of my favorites is “Boo Turn,” based on Usher’s U-Turn.

Put your paws up, bend your knees
Bounce around in the potty, get down with me
Oh come on, come on
It’s not hard to learn
Come on, come on
It’s called the Boo-Turn

Go ahead, give it a try! You can simply substitute the word “you” with Boo, or if you are really creative you can make the whole song about Boo.


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Burmese Cat Mop

I’m sorry.

I hope you watched at least 12 seconds in, to where the cat’s mom started talking.

At the risk of losing readers to my blog, I had to post this because:

a) I’ve done this.

b) More than once.

c) I’m a crazy cat lady in training? (Although, the New York Times makes a good case for cat ladies to be proud rather than ashamed.)

d) Because of point c, this filled me with laughter and then a deep longing for a baby cat of my own. It symbolizes all that I love about cats, especially mese cats. Endless entertainment and love.

e) I have a Siamese back home, and she looks and acts like this cat.

If you are thinking “Burmese, Siamese, they’re all the same, ” that’s cat racism! Shame on you.


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