One of life’s little mysteries

Cat Dog. Just … why? And how did they (it?) do their (its?) business? I really think they should have made Cat Dog anatomically correct. It would have solved years of questions and pondering from a curious audience.

Sorry for the short post. You’ll probably be hearing a lot from me this week because I accidentally spent my week’s budgeted allowance all on Friday night, and if I had to make a prediction about this week it would include a lot of me sitting in my room waiting for pay day on Thursday. #ouch



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4 responses to “One of life’s little mysteries

  1. CatDog makes me sick to my stomach. WHY, indeed!

  2. Steve

    You know, as an adolescent (or child? how old is that show?) I struggled with CatDog. I thought the show was really funny. But sometimes I thought it was awful. As to one of your questions: I don’t think we want to know how it/they did it’s/their business.

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