One of life’s little mysteries

Cat Dog. Just … why? And how did they (it?) do their (its?) business? I really think they should have made Cat Dog anatomically correct. It would have solved years of questions and pondering from a curious audience.

Sorry for the short post. You’ll probably be hearing a lot from me this week because I accidentally spent my week’s budgeted allowance all on Friday night, and if I had to make a prediction about this week it would include a lot of me sitting in my room waiting for pay day on Thursday. #ouch



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4 responses to “One of life’s little mysteries

  1. CatDog makes me sick to my stomach. WHY, indeed!

  2. You know, as an adolescent (or child? how old is that show?) I struggled with CatDog. I thought the show was really funny. But sometimes I thought it was awful. As to one of your questions: I don’t think we want to know how it/they did it’s/their business.

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