Disaster preparedness.

I may not be prepared for a natural disaster, but God dang it am I prepared for the neighbors or housemates being loud.

I never have fewer than five boxes of earplugs. The United Kingdom makes it difficult for me to find earplugs that meet my standards, so I always stock up when I go back to the US and my mom sometimes sends me supplies as well. That picture isn’t including the box in my night stand.

If I don’t have earplugs I get anxiety. I can’t sleep. Thoughts fill my head like, “What if someone goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the flushing toilet wakes me and I can’t get to sleep for the rest of the night??”

When I have my earplugs in I sleep like a little baby. Probably an older one, because I hear babies don’t sleep for long stretches.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on those foam “earplugs.” Those are insult to the very idea of what an earplug should be. Mine are the kind you use to go swimming, that completely seal off your ear and you know, actually work.


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12 responses to “Disaster preparedness.

  1. Could have done with some last night. Crazy next door neighbour hammers on wall for 3 hours starting at 4am

  2. Perhaps this is what I need when my roommate does…well whatever it is that he does. At like 3 am.

  3. pradeepjavedar

    wow! u must’ve some really noisy neighbours!
    thankfully my neighbours create a racket only in evenings and im usually out at that time…..

  4. Foamies are so crap.

    Where do you even get them in the UK? I am clinging to a pair I bought in Italy quite a while back so I feel like the hygiene aspect is making me lose sleep more than if I were to not to wear them in the first place. Vicious circle.

    • I’ve found some at Boots on occasion, but you have to look around because they aren’t always in stock. The only problem with those is that they are a bit big for me ( I buy kid size in the US ) and they are SO expensive for the amount you get. Good luck!!

  5. My partner went camping with his mates. At night they snored. In desperation he popped chewing gum in his ears and got a good nights sleep. Body temperature softens up gum nicely but he hadn’t worked that one out….until he tried to remove it.

  6. Oh man, that’s a lot of earplugs! And no, you do NOT want to sleep like a baby, especially one like mine who, for the last several weeks, has been waking up every THREE hours crying.
    Speaking of babies and sleeping, maybe you should try a white noise machine. I read a blog post about them and people swear by them, not only for their babies, but also for themselves!

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