SJP love.

I’ve known too many guys who say Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse and they don’t understand what women find fascinating about her. I can’t really explain it either. Despite all of her continually crap movies, I love her. I see a picture like this and I’m blown away.

I want to be her, or be her best friend!

Maybe she’s awesome purely because she’s an Ohioan. Whatever it is, I’ll always love her!



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9 responses to “SJP love.

  1. She doesn’t look like a horse, and I like her.

  2. Woman has great literary taste. Her favourite book is “New Grub Street” and I saw a photo of her reading Benjamin Markovits. I heartily endorse these things and Ms Parker.

  3. I LOVE SJP! I think it’s partially because I just loved Carrie Bradshaw so much, and when I think of SJP, I think of Carrie Bradshaw and all of her infinite relationship wisdom:) I guess I should really just love the writers of SATC, but she gets the credit!

  4. I think it’s because she always comes across as light, likeable and down to earth. She definitely has a lot of charm. I can’t resist it either. 🙂

  5. I don’t think she’s a very good actress, most of her movies aren’t very good, and even though she fits the right dress sizes, she’s not what I would call particularly attractive. I find little reason for her to be famous, although more reason than for Paris Hilton.

  6. True, SJP is the one cast member of Sex in the City that I can’t understand. She doesn’t dress particularly well, and the only reason people pay any attention to her is because technically it’s her show, so they have to give her lines.

    Though Charlotte steals all the scenes.

    So SJP falls into the realm of John Cusack, another actor that women love for no observable reason.

  7. This is coming from a bi-sexual guy (so if drunk, I would totally tap that): I love SJP. And while I don’t think she is necessarily “attractive,” she does have a certain allure about her. I would credit this to the old-school charm, grace, and style from another era of the Lauren Bacall, Rosalind Russell, and Natalie Wood ages. Her entire persona that she is selling to the media as an entertainer (which I believe is her genuine self) is a throwback to a classier, idealized, golden era of Hollywood that we idolize. This makes her admirable. And that’s why I love her.

  8. Elisabeth Shue is way hotter than SJP, so even more easy for me to love…than any other actress in Hollywood who is in “crap” movies (Leaving Las Vegas was not crap ..The Saint was great…otherwise…crappy movies)!

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