8,000 messages.

Check out my Gmail.

I hate everyone with fewer than 7,911 messages in their inbox. I hate you for being organized and keeping control of your life. Go away.

Check out my work e-mail, which I’ve had about a year and a half. I honestly tried so hard not to have a Gmail repeat with this inbox.

If I work with you and you have fewer than 2,669 e-mails in your inbox, I hate you too. For the reasons specified above.



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8 responses to “8,000 messages.

  1. Great news. You have absolutely no reason to hate me, at least when it comes to email.

  2. Oops: http://i40.tinypic.com/1z569sx.png

    But I’m right there with you. I was pretty good for a long time and then…I didn’t care anymore. Although, every time I do see that number I think “Ugh, I should really clean out my inbox.” But when I look at gmail’s tracker that shows how much space I have used, it tells me I have PLENTY of room left so there goes that idea…

    It also doesn’t help that the new gmail hides that amount. Out of sight, out of mind?

    • Sounds like I need to get the new Gmail!! And yeah, I look at that every day and think “Ugh, I should just spend an hour and clean this.” Then I always find something better to do, like nothing.

  3. Good lord, this gives me the sweats just imagining it!! I’d like to take a feather duster to that inbox of yours xxx

  4. Wow, I don’t think I’ve gotten that many emails in my life.

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