Why I look down

Here’s a snippet of my life for you:

Whenever I walk down the street, any street in the entire world, I always look down. I have a terrible fear of slipping in a pile of dog poo and falling down because I wasn’t paying attention. On the rare occasion when I am looking up I think, “Wow! The world/city is amazing! I should look up more often!”



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6 responses to “Why I look down

  1. You’re not the only one!

    Oh, great site by the way. I found your blog through your sister. 🙂

  2. I am 100% exactly the same. People often think *I’M* odd, but I rarely trip and often find coins or interesting artifacts down there hahah xx

  3. Samantha Werder

    OMG! I always look down too, except mine came from my Grandma. When I was about 6 I was in a pharmacy with my mom and my grandma came rushing in and said, “A little girl dropped her change purse outside and you could have had some of that.” I know that is tacky. But now I look down all the time and find the best stuff! Jewelry, coins and even a $50 bill. =) Love the blog Sara!

    • Ha ha ha!! Thanks! And yeah, I have never even found close to $50 from looking down BUT I found $500 in a pillow bin one time. Stupidly I turned it in. I guess it fell out of some lady’s purse.

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