I’m not good at trivia.

I know I say I don’t like a lot of things, but sometimes I really dislike people who love trivia games.  I never play trivia games because I fear people will find out I know nothing. Then when I do know an answer I get SO excited and before I can control myself I’m saying: “See, did you hear me know something?? I got an answer! Are you proud??” And that’s no way to live.

Sometimes on the odd day when people happen to mention the phonetic alphabet, which trust me does not happen often enough, I get a smug smile and say, “Yeah, I can totally recite the whole list.”

You’re impressed, right?

I remember one time at Field Training (boot camp for future AF officers) some kid recited the whole list but thought Z stood for “Zelda.” He got in big trouble for being so stupid.



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9 responses to “I’m not good at trivia.

  1. Hunter

    I remember the Zelda kid! I tried so hard not to laugh.. but that wasn’t possible!

  2. I’m a major trivia junkie. It’s disgusting to watch me at pub quiz nights as I morph into some sort of Incredible Trivia Hulk. Not pretty.

  3. Zelda? Really? I didn’t know some of these (ok, A LOT of these) but even I know that’s not right. I like playing the game though. 😉

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