Ryan Gosling vs puppies, and a scary/funny college story.

I know my blog is kinda turning into the Ryan Gosling fan club, but I promise this is really fun. Thanks to one of my awesome Facebook friends I was introduced to the site “Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy?” There is a pic of Ryan, and right next to him is a similar picture of a puppy. Then you vote.

Here he is with Georgie.


There’s an interesting story behind how I met the friend who introduced me to this site. We had a Gender & Sexuality (honors) class in college, and one of our class projects was to describe what a sexual utopia would be.

Guess how that ended? The genius students in our class decided that a sexual utopia would still include HIV and some kind of scarlet-letter dot to denote people who were promiscuous. Totally not joking. Go Indiana!



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13 responses to “Ryan Gosling vs puppies, and a scary/funny college story.

  1. Thank you for educating me. I have never heard of Ryan Gosling until now.

  2. Eric

    It was an honors class at that.

  3. Speaking of Ryan Gosling, have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? I saw it several years ago and loved it and then caught a bit of it on TV today. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. It’s an under-appreciated but great movie. And it stars your boy, Ryan. Win/win.

  4. Martha

    I didn’t know what all the fuss was about until I saw “Blue Valentine.” Wow – he’s not only gorgeous, he’s a very good actor. I’d see anything he’s in!

  5. I’m gonna have to go with the puppy

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