Autumn in Hyde Park

Today I woke up ridiculously early and also forgot to set my clocks back, so when I got to Whole Foods in Kensington it was still two hours before they opened. I had a quick walk around Kensington Gardens, which is right next to Hyde Park, and decided the fall colors were so beautiful I had to call Adrian and ask him to bring my camera!

Adrian likes activities. He doesn’t like walking around taking pictures, and he refuses to use my camera because I have a big, bulky 1970s strap that he says “effs him off.”

In the spirit of activities, we tried out the Barclays bikes that are on every street corner in London. I’ve never tried them before because even though it’s only a pound to rent a bike for a day, I strongly fear being caught and stuck under the wheels of a London bus for miles until the driver notices. That stuff happens! This was the perfect opportunity to try the bikes out because Hyde Park is huge so we had a long, traffic-free ride through the park.

Today was yet another one of those days where I went into the city with a specific purpose and ended up doing something totally random and fun.

I also finally got my fall colors fix, and discovered Whole Foods caters to its American crowd and sells pumpkin ice cream in addition to shelves and shelves of Libby’s canned pumpkin! I stocked up.

I had wanted to go to Cambridge and get fall pictures like I did last year, but today was great too! I’m hoping we’ll have one more weekend of this …



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8 responses to “Autumn in Hyde Park

  1. Love those photos! Definitely worth calling him to bring your camera. 🙂 Days of random fun like that are just the best!

  2. Benjamin Halliday

    Unplanned adventures have got to be the best thing ever, especially ones where a few rather nice pictures are the result aswell. Very nice indeed.:-)

  3. Gorgeous! I need to try out those Barclay bikes and why not use them at a park! Great idea.

    • Definitely try them!! We went in the entrance down the street from Kensington High Street station, and it’s only a POUND!! Go before the leaves fall off – it’s perfect! Also Whole Foods is on the way 🙂

  4. Really beautiful photos!! I especially love the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones! Looks like you’re still having fun with your camera:)

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