When video games get mean

When I started playing Bioshock 2 this week I took a walk on the wild side and decided to play on medium instead of easy.

I finished the first Bioshock and it was super easy so I thought I could handle it. It said medium was for people who have “played shooters before.”

That’s me, I thought. I BEAT Bioshock 1. This surely is me.

So I picked medium and got a little race in my heart.

After a couple levels I realized maybe medium wasn’t for me. Maybe just because you’ve played shooters before doesn’t mean you are good.

I got to a level where I kept dying and kept dying. I was about to quit, and the computer must have sensed my anxiety because a message came up on the screen saying something like, “If your current level of difficulty is too hard you can always change it in the Options menu.”

What?? F%*k you, Bioshock.

I was insulted by a computer!

They should have said at the beginning that medium was for people who have succeeded at shooters before. That way there is no confusion!

I ended up going back to easy.

Still really fun! I love these games, and I especially like the creepy old-timey music that plays throughout the game.


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