An A+ in life

I get excited about the little things because sometimes the big things are boring, like work. Well, my work’s not really boring but traditionally work is regarded as boring so I’m going with that example.

Anyway, the point is that I get excited about little things like this:

When I hit “publish” on WordPress I will on occasion receive a notification telling me that no writing errors were found. WOO HOO!

I always feel like I’ve gotten an A+ on a paper, except it’s not school so I go ahead and give myself an A+ in life.

I’m going to take that down to an A- because that picture is so crap you can hardly read it. Still an A, though.



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11 responses to “An A+ in life

  1. Benjamin Halliday

    That is very unfair I have yet to get such a message telling me I too am an A+ student. There is still hope for me yet, well one can try anyway.

  2. Blogger doesn’t support me the way WordPress supports you! I want to be commended, too! 🙂

  3. I get excited too. Sometimes I do a little dance.

  4. This has never happened to me, but now I know it is possible, I have something to aim for!

  5. What?!? I have never received this message either! The outrage! I guess I’m going to have to try harder. Boo.

    • I think the key is posting short crappy posts like this one, because I’ve never gotten it when I’ve written anything more than a few sentences. Kinda cheating the system, but I’ll still call it an A in life 🙂

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