They took our jobs!

See this:

That’s the face of someone who took your job. Assuming you’re English, of course. This weekend I passed my Life in the UK test, which is one requirement of my giant application to continue working in England.

Before we talk about me, let’s sit down together and watch this clip from South Park. It’s hilarious, and sadly true.

Well, only watch about 20 seconds of it because the rest is just a repeat. The episode is funnier.

When I went to take my test Saturday there was a group of about 10 white people from Zimbabwe also applying for a visa, and it made me think of the scene in Mean Girls where Karen asks Cady why she’s white if she’s from Africa. Skip to second 25 to see that scene, and then directly after is another one of my favorite scenes where Damien says, “Oh my god, Danny Devito! I love your work!”

They definitely don’t make the immigration process easy. It’s SO EXPENSIVE. To be a legal worker in the UK you first have to pay around $1,500 for a visa for two years, and submit a giant package full of bank statements, letters between you and your partner, pictures of you together, and a bunch of other stuff. Then after two years you have to do the same thing all over again and pay another $1,500 for another visa to keep working, but you still can’t be a citizen and if you leave the country for more than two years you lose your right to come back and work. After three years I can apply for citizenship, and I’m certain the Brits will try to charge me another $1,000 for the privilege of having them spend a whole 5 minutes looking at my application that took me days to compile.

Oh, here’s a tip if you are an international couple like us. YOU CAN STAND IN THE SAME LINE AT IMMIGRATION. I was seriously angry after Adrian spent more than an hour in line at US immigration while I breezed through, then I spent about an hour at UK immigration while he breezed through. The lady took one look at my visa and said, “Oh, if you’re with your husband you can always go through the same lines since you’re a family.” WTF?? Everywhere??? Yep!

I don’t actually have my visa yet, but hopefully they’ll return it soon!




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6 responses to “They took our jobs!

  1. oh my goodness I am not looking forward to going through all of that! I have to switch from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in a few months and that’s making me anxious enough…

    • Well if you have any questions I’d be glad to help! I didn’t have anyone to ask and the first time I did it it was SO confusing. It was a lot easier this time although still a lot of work. Mostly just annoying and a lot of money.

  2. Um…is that your home? I’m coming to visit tomorrow.

  3. Congratulations! = ) I’m going to be switching into Tier 1 once I graduate next summer and when I saw the application cost I nearly fainted. I swiftly moved the money into another account so I don’t spend it until then.

    • Thanks! What is Tier 1? Does that mean you can work and have access to the NHS and all that? I did the same thing. I’ve had my money in a different account for more than a year.

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