Taylor Lautner looks like an alpaca

Although I’d say I’m on Team Jacob (because Edward is a creepy freak), I still think Taylor Lautner kind of looks like an alpaca. Adrian thought the exact same thing.

That is all.



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9 responses to “Taylor Lautner looks like an alpaca

  1. I look at this picture every day when I check for new posts. he absolutely, 100% DOES look like an alpaca. Amazing

  2. hola Taylor Lautner actuas buenisimo en la pelicula amanecer felicitaciones por tu grabacion en la pelicula guaoo actuas espetacular buenisimo me gusto la pelicula amanecer donde adomina a los lobo y protegiendo a bella guaooo la gente esta comentando que si tu eres gey

  3. KronomanticIllusion

    See now, alpaca’s are like sheep and since they know Tay as a wolf named Jacob, they figured they’d save their @$$3s by trying to look like a wolf in sheep clothing. No other wolf’s going to mess with an alpaca that looks like the famous Alpha wolf Tay plays now. NOW THATS A SMART ALPACA!

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