The death of bookstores

Thanks to a couple bloggers who both highly recommended the book Still Missing, I ordered it from for £2 ($3 or so) with free shipping. When I opened the door to our apartment building the next day I saw a little brown package sitting on the floor.

“Could it be?” I thought. “No. It’s too soon.”

But a warm light in my heart flickered with excitement at the thought that my book had arrived while I was workin’ hard for my money.

YES!!!! IT’S MY BOOK!!!! I grabbed it and ran up stairs, opened the door and ripped that thing open. Oh, sweet love.

Of course this is one more teeny tiny chip away from the crumbling foundation of physical book stores, and for that I feel I shouldn’t get so excited.

There’s a lot that could be said on this subject.  I don’t really have much to say except that although I truly love going to book stores, especially used book stores, and will be very sad to see them go (Borders!), OMG IT IS SO EXCITING TO GET A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL. [I’m grabbing you by the collar and shaking you as I say that]

Book stores dying would be hard to handle, but I would collapse if I could no longer have a physical book. I like my books! I like to feel the weight of books, feel the pages, smell the paper, think about the previous owners of the book and what they were like, etc.

I have tried reading on a Kindle and I lose interest. A book is an experience. A Kindle is just another piece of electronics to be connected to.

It’s no secret that print publications are having a hard time. Although I love food blogs and websites, nothing will ever take the place of food magazines. I love them, and I’ll always buy them.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



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11 responses to “The death of bookstores

  1. 1. I’m a library FREAK. I do NOT buy books. I either get them from the library or read them when they are handed down to me. HOWEVER, my dream house has a huge wall of book shelves at which time I WILL be purchasing all books or keeping the ones handed down.
    2. Let me know what you think of the book (since I am one of the recommenders).

  2. I totally agree! I’ve thought about getting a Kindle or something so that I don’t end up with all of the physical books that I’ve bought and read but didn’t love and won’t read again. But I will always keep a collection of my favorites. There’s nothing like snuggling up on a cold day with a good book. You can’t snuggle with a Kindle I don’t think!

    • You can’t snuggle up with a Kindle! I hate getting rid of books even if I don’t like them much, but I’ve forced myself to so that I just have a bookshelf full of books I love. You should get on Goodreads. I spent so much time creating my online bookshelf when I first joined!!

      • You CAN snuggle with a Kindle! I have had a Kindle for over a year now & I love it. I usually buy my “mind candy” books (i.e., mysteries or other books which I consume very quickly & often) & I love the classics (Dracula, Crime & Punishment, The Jungle Book, etc) which I can download for free so I can reread them. I still buy “real” books because I still like the feel & smell of them and I love to have my bookshelves filled, but I’m more discerning about which to buy. Believe me, I carry my kindle everywhere – it gives me access to lots of books which would be difficult for me to carry. I guess Karen will give my current Kindle when I get the Kindle Fire – right Karen?

  3. Tanya

    You took the words right out of my mouth. John keeps trying to get me to download books. I just can’t do it. It pains me to think about it.

    • And also, it’s not satisfying downloading a book because it’s there in an instant and you’ve paid the same price so it just feels like you get nothing even though technically that’s not true.

      • I respectfully disagree – most Kindle books cost less than the paper copies. At the moment, the real disadvantage is that the Kindle does not display color so color images are not displayed to best advantage. I do have the Kindle for PC application, though – It displays images beautifully. I don’t know if you know this, Sara, but I can “borrow” books from the library on my Kindle – no fees, as the book disappears when it’s due.

        • I didn’t know that about borrowing books. That’s really cool! It just seems more expensive to me because I rarely buy new books so I hardly ever pay more than a dollar or two for books.

  4. I am still waiting to hear what you thought about Still Missing. As you may remember I was lukewarm overall, but it was a hot read and very thought-provoking.

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