I shot a gun and I liked it

I definitely just sang that to a certain Katy Perry song …

Anyway. I shot a gun. So did Adrian. When we went back to Ohio two weeks ago we went to a shooting range that just happened to be five minutes from my house.

I’ve shot a gun before, but I was still scared to pull the trigger every time. I think it’s the loud noise. This was worse than the first time because we were indoors so it seemed a whole lot louder than before.

The significance of this is that Adrian is from England where they don’t allow guns. WHAT?? No guns and they survive as a society?? Yes.


We shot a Beretta 92 and a 1911 something that was a bit bigger with more kick, but the trigger was easier to pull so I liked that better. I hate having to squeeze hard on the trigger. My hands are extremely weak and I get scared. Adrian, however, was really good! I’ll need him in a zombie outbreak.

Unfortunately no one took a picture of me except this blurred picture (which I asked for) of me holding up my zombie target. That was another cool feature! We got to choose a zombie target! See those ear muffs on my head? Those hurt! They are SO tight and huge, but I was glad to have them because it really is loud.

If you haven’t shot a gun before, give it a try. It’s definitely an experience!



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10 responses to “I shot a gun and I liked it

  1. I’m interested to know, what’s the piece you fired with? FYI, I’m good with Colt .45 Peacemaker SAA 32 WCF (yeah, a Western!), pretty good with a Colt .45 1911 Semiauto and an HP Browning 9mm, but really good with a L1A1 rifle (that’s a FN FAL 7.62mm). And I ain’t telling how I came to dance with those pieces!

    • I will ask my dad because he’ll be able to tell me specifically. I’d love to know more about guns though, and be able to write a paragraph like what you just wrote!

      • Yeah, and to think I’m actually a pacifist! It blows my friends’ minds just how the heck a skinny, scrawny, derpy guy like me who hates guns manages to score an obscene number of dead-on bullseyes with a modern assault rifle. Of course, all that was back in the UK. Here in Hong Kong, we have nothing in way of shootable weapons (airguns here are limited to only BB nonsense).

  2. I have always loved shooting. It is a serious rush. Especially shooting a .44 or, and I do not recommend this for you, a desert eagle.

    SOOO fun.

  3. See this is how my mind works: Adrian looks hot like that. It’s not because I can’t see his face. It’s the gun and the stance…yum.

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