Someone bought this shirt.

Many people bought this shirt, in fact. They travelled all the way to London and thought, “You know what, I’m going to buy a shirt from a tourist shop that says ‘sexsi’ in the Pepsi font.”

This shirt is so popular that it’s on a mannequin in a tourist shop in Leicester Square. I’m not sure why I think this shirt is so dumb when I’m the one who actually laughed out loud at the sight of a guy wearing a PUMA shirt that said TUNA instead, and obviously had a picture of a tuna instead of a puma. Seriously, I was cracking up.

Are you telling me this isn’t hilarious?



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8 responses to “Sexsi

  1. I want that shirt for Hot Joe.

  2. That’s funny! Somehow, fashion & style doesn’t apply to tee shirts. It’s like free-range to say whatever you think – stupid, funny, even mean and prejudice. Remember the “Free Winona” tee shirts? I’ll never understand that one. My favorite is: “I”m with stupid” And, then an arrow pointing to the right!

  3. I want to buy the sexsi t-shirt but I live in germany and i can’t find that in the internet :/ only here is this t-shirt.!

  4. leah

    who wears a shirt nowadays?????

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