Play-Doh eaters anonymous

It’s not really anonymous though, is it? I licked Play-Doh when I was a child (several times) and last week, at age 26.

I CAN’T RESIST THAT SMELL. Maria stayed the weekend with us, and because we don’t have kids our house isn’t very fun for them. Hence the reason we bought her Play-Doh.

But the smell! That glorious smell! When she went to bed that night Adrian and I popped open the four containers and took a good long sniff. We both went a little crazy. It’s too good. Then I thought, “Surely in the 15 years since I last tasted Play-Doh they’ve finally come up with a solution to make it taste as good as it smells!!”

So I licked.

Boy was it salty. That Play-Doh is a master of deception. I think the Greek Sirens were  made out of Play-Doh. Sweet music and sweet, sweet Play-Doh.



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5 responses to “Play-Doh eaters anonymous

  1. love your blog, mine has often been described as thematically confused too!

  2. Love that smell. But, like wet cat food, the smell is just a tease…. 😉

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