Planet Earth: Richmond Park Edition

I went all David Attenborough today.

We made the short trip to Richmond Park and it was delightful indeed. I’d heard two things about Richmond Park. 1) It’s a huge park and there are deer running around everywhere. 2) Gordon Ramsay sometimes tweets about running in Richmond Park.

So, I was hoping for two things. 1) I’d see deer. 2) I’d see Gordon Ramsay having a quick jog.

Once again, I didn’t see Gordon. BUT, I did see this beautiful little thing:

We walked for about an hour and I started to get anxious that there would be no deer sightings, but then we found a group of about six sitting in a patch of shade. There were cars rolling by in the background and people walking past every so often. We got fairly close, and it was evident they don’t fear people in the slightest.

The park was huge. I didn’t plan well (at all) so we didn’t see much of it even though we were there a couple hours. I definitely plan to go back soon, because apparently you can get amazing views of the city from one of the hills.

I also plan to pack a picnic for next time!

Any better way to top off an English day than with a pie platter?

I wonder how many pies I’ve eaten in England?



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2 responses to “Planet Earth: Richmond Park Edition

  1. That’s quite the lens you have there! And what great pictures you got!! This post and the last one are making me really wish I were in London right about now. The weather looks fantastic!

    • All I can say about the weather recently is that it’s been really pleasant! For once I’m not complaining. It’s just really comfortable and slightly warm. And thanks about the pictures, I feel like I’m learning a lot more and I’m loving going out and getting these shots!

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