A randomly lovely day in the city

FUN day. I finally met a friend who was willing to go with me to one of the only German restaurants in the city. We went to Katzenjammers by Borough Market (next to London Bridge station) before our late shift at work. I read reviews and heard the food was good but the service was rather bad, which I figured was standard since the London Bridge area is so touristy, and let’s face it, this is England – not known for customer service.

Well, the service was great and the food was even better. I’m not much of a meat eater but I totally wolfed down a big sausage covered in a huge pile of kraut, then polished that off with a pretzel covered in cheese. We went from 2-3 so there were a few people there but it wasn’t packed. Apparently Friday nights are the nights to go because they have live music.

Sorry about blurred photo. It was just so dark by our table and I wasn’t about to take that sausage outside. It was all I could do to take one picture before devouring.

After our amazing German meal we were stuffed, but we still had a ton of time before work. I was really thirsty, so we stopped into an Italian place by work I’ve been wanting to try. As soon as we saw they were actually offering blankets so people could lounge in the sun on the grass we both knew we were going to spend the rest of the hour there. I’d never been into the restaurant but it was beautiful. On every table they have a fresh pot of basil – my favorite herb!

Yep. That’s a huge glass case filled with fresh basil.

We ordered two cocktails named Hugo – prosecco (my fav!) with fresh mint leaves, a lime slice and a bit of fruit syrup to sweeten it up a little. It was so perfect.

Only one of those is mine, although I’d gladly have had two. And yes that book is Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Read it now.

Sometimes I love London.



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6 responses to “A randomly lovely day in the city

  1. Wow, this place looks soo cool! And those prosecco drinks??? My fav too! I’ll have to try it with mint…

  2. I love the Plum books! What a cool restaurant. I also wish my basil didn’t die 😦

    • The Plum books are amazing and I try to get every female I know to read them. And yes I get so excited about fresh basil plants, and I normally keep mine alive for about a month but then they slowly die from being picked so much!

  3. Mary

    As if I didn’t already feel like we were kindred spirits…this post completely confirmed it. German food! Tasty drinks! Stephanie Plum! Yay!

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