Omg like totally.

Do you ever like a song, get super enthusiastic and then realize when you are talking about it to other people you probably sound like “omg omg like totally!!”

I feel like that about Katy Perry right now. I was never that fond of her. I thought she was OK, but not special. Then randomly I started listening to her on Spotify one day.

Now I want to literally grab people by the collar and say, “OMG HAVE YOU LISTENED TO TEENAGE DREAM??” (her album, not the song)

Seriously, it’s so good. Right up my alley.

Have YOU heard Hummingbird Heartbeat? If not, you can listen to it here.

By the way, even though my friend MP gave me Seasons 2 and 3 of Arrested Development I still totally hate the person who outbid me on eBay. Who the f does he think is? I watched that freakin’ site every other hour and the joy I felt at winning my £1.99 bid was unreal. Then mystery Arrested Development fan outbid me and eBay sent me an email saying I LOST my bid. I know it worked out better for me, but still. What a penis.



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10 responses to “Omg like totally.

  1. This doesn’t surprise me…ever since we went to Kings Island and I saw you joyfully humming along to the Country-Pop Hoedown, I knew I couldn’t trust your taste. I clicked on that song there and the first line was like taking a big ol’ suck on a lemon. I clicked off as fast as I could.

    And now I see that what I just wrote could have been written by Clay.

    • omg that was so funny. I was moved and started singing Jo Dee Messina, then realized you were there and slowly looked over to see if you noticed and you were totally staring at me. Hilarious.

  2. Julie

    I saw the note about Karen’s blog getting hits for writing about a pig penis, is that why you wrote penis in your blog too?? Good idea!

  3. Okay here’s the thing. I too think she’s kinda awesome (and hot, but that’s another blog post), but I JUST CAN’T GET PAST HER HUSBAND. So now when I hear her sing about feeling like she’s losing her virginity every time he touches her I’m visualizing Russell Brand. Blech. Or whatever the hell his name is.

  4. In another life I want to look like Katy Perry or Zoey Deschanel. *Sigh* I’m a pin-up girl inside.

    Getting outbid at the last moment is such a bummer. You plan out what you’re going to do once you win and receive your item and bam…dream gone.

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