Match of the Day.

Match of the Day is a football program on TV every single Saturday night of the entire football season. After the guys watch the games during the day and read all the news, they have to be home by 10 pm to see the highlights and commentary. At least Adrian does.

As soon as we finished our curry tonight Adrian said we needed to be getting back so I could get his tea ready.

“What? What tea?”

He told me it’s tradition that wives make their husbands a cup of tea so they can watch Match of the Day. I was also informed that I better not make any noise or complain, and I better not try to play any music on my lap top.

Like my new English tea towel? It has a bunch of different words for tea. I like “cuppa” because it’s so English and really funny.

I went to a football game once. Well, twice, but I’m only going to show you pictures of the time I saw England play at Wembley in the World Cup qualifier against Croatia.

I really really really want to get into football because you can’t escape it over here. It’s all anyone talks about for 9 months straight.



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6 responses to “Match of the Day.

  1. I know what you mean about wanting to care about football. Betting small amounts on games is actually a really good way to make them more interesting! I had (and lost) £2.50 on a game today, and it was fun tuning in and cheering for my [loser] team!

    • That sounds like a fun idea! Sometimes I read the sports section of the Metro so I can come out with some random facts about teams and that’s always funny too because I have absolutely nothing to say other than the snippet I read!

  2. I agree with Karen, having a few pounds on the game does at least give an incentive to watch and care about the result 🙂 I don’t really mind watching the odd match but it’s all the extras I can’t stand. Sports news channel is on whenever a match is, then Match of the Day where you have to watch it allll again!

    I may try to find a new hobby to get me out of the house!xx

  3. You’re right, you need to get into it or it will just drive you nuts! That’s how I got into (American) football. I work for the university, so during football season, it’s office talk, husband talk, etc. I was surprised how much I came to actually enjoy it! And Karen is right. Make bets! We do a “pick ’em” every year where each week you pick winners and at the end of the season the person with the most points wins a pretty big pot of cash. I won second place last year! (and every year I beat the hubby, which is awesome!)

    Also, I love cuppa:) I said that to a coworker the other day and she had no idea what I was talking about. Which wouldn’t be surprising except that she was born in England, her parents and grandparents are English and she still goes to visit. I told her she wasn’t a real Brit…She didn’t like that.

    • Really?? All the Brits I know say cuppa! Sometimes it’s its own sentence – cuppa? I’m going to work hard this year at getting into football. I’m determined. Then when I go back to the US I’ll have to get into American football!

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