Living in London during the riots

I woke up today thinking yesterday was a dream and buildings all over London, including where I live, hadn’t actually been on fire. It was the first time I’ve ever been scared in the city, and I never thought I’d be scared in this area of London. When I got in my cab at midnight to go home my cab driver assured me he’d been following the news closely and wouldn’t take me past any major shopping centers, and if he saw anything at all he’d drive away!

The ride home was clear apart from a lot of fire trucks and cops still around the retail center in Colliers Wood that was burned and looted earlier, and the road was closed off.

Today the rioting and looting spread to other cities around the UK, so it’s now being called the UK riots rather than the London riots. According to the BBC 563 people in London have been arrested and more than 100 have been charged.

I went to work at 4 today, and it was weird to see shops in both Colliers Wood and Waterloo boarded up. I brought my camera to snap a few pics, but I took my crappy one in the event I got mugged (that explains the poor quality of the photos).  As soon as I got to work they decided to send everyone home early to be safe. Since I was meant to be on the evening shift today they gave me the laptop to work from home.

This glass building wasn’t taking any chances and had a whole crew setting up some serious barriers.

Lots of little shops were closed for the day or just closed early. The pub across from Southwark station had already boarded up its windows.

I’m safe at home now just working, blogging and watching the news. Thanks to everyone for all the comments about us staying safe!



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6 responses to “Living in London during the riots

  1. That must be so scary! I’m glad you’re ok.

  2. I can’t even imagine what that must be like. There have been some political riots in my city, near where I live (I live near my state’s capital buildings) but nothing like this.

  3. So glad to hear you’re safe. It’s so sad to see all the businesses shut and boarded up like this- why should everyone have to live in fear? I am more glad than ever that I moved away from the UK but spend my days worrying about friends and family now! Even in my worst days in England I never imagined anything like this could happen xx

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