#londonriots – A Different Perspective on the News

In England we get regular coverage of happenings in the US so I don’t generally feel like I’m that far away. When the riots started getting bad people in London were freaking out. I was checking news sites here and following Twitter and it was all over the place. Buildings, cars and buses are burning in several areas of the city, and shops are being looted in too many places to count. One of my friends was attacked and mugged (he’s OK) and some people had to leave work early to get home. It’s been an awful night in London.

I posted a Facebook status about the riots and several of my American friends had no clue. I couldn’t believe it. I feel so connected to the US, yet everyone I talked to had no idea I was in a city with riots erupting all around. I kept checking major US news sites and they either didn’t have any mention of it or it was a small headline buried under news of the debt crisis.

It was a weird feeling being a part of something huge that my whole country knew nothing about.

Check the Guardian for more news.

A police officer escorts a family past the burned-out Carpetright shop in Tottenham, north London. Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images



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17 responses to “#londonriots – A Different Perspective on the News

  1. You’d think the American news would be a bit more sympathetic considering so many Americans live here?


  2. Weird, everyone I spoke to at home (Canada) knew about it already and just wanted to know if I was ok. Stay safe.

  3. I had the same experience, exactly. I think a lot of people are away at the beach right now, both here and in Europe not listening to the news..it’s peak holiday time. Likely they’ll watch the 10 or 11pm news tonight which hasn’t happened yet, at my posting. To his credit, one very current US friend did email about the riots just hours after they started on Sunday, but crickets chirping on FB.

    • Exactly. On Facebook my status was the first anyone had heard. People were like what riots? I don’t blame them – if it’s not on any of the news how are they meant to know? I really still can’t believe it. It just makes me think about how much I’ve missed out on when I lived over there.

  4. I read about the riots right before reading your post on your trip to London. Glad you two (as well as your friend) are ok.

    • Plus all of the media is currently talking about the debt/downgrade in the US. I guess it overshadows some of the world news right now.

      • Yeah every site I saw had huge war font for the debt downgrade headlines. The NY Times had the riots as the third top story but it was very small font, then after a couple hours even though it was getting worse in London the story moved farther down! Couldn’t believe it!

  5. Ah! i’ve been checking your blog on and off all day – glad you posted and are ok! (i only read the BBC for news… that’s how i knew about it). take care and stay safe!!

  6. Moe

    I woke up this morning and there was a comment on my blog from a stranger in the US who was concerned for my safety after the riots in Liverpool last night. Even though it was 2-3 miles from my house, it was the first news I had that anything had happened.

    • Yeah, as the night wore on and definitely today it got widespread coverage. But when it first started getting bad a lot of people still hadn’t heard and I kept refreshing popular sites to see when they’d finally push the news up!

  7. I have to say that I only first heard about this for the first time today when a coworker mentioned it. I don’t watch a lot of news but it definitely wasn’t prominently displayed on any of the websites I go to. So glad to hear that you guys are safe!

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