London’s Secret Garden

We discovered an amazing place in the city today, and even better is the fact that it was just down the road! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Cannizaro Park before. The park is actually in Wimbledon Common, just a 5 minute walk from Wimbledon Village (about a 2 minute bus ride from Wimbledon Station).

I know Wimbledon seems far away, but it’s only in Zone 3. I definitely recommend coming for a day out sometime and having a nice lunch in Wimbledon Village (lots of lovely restaurants and higher-end shopping around) before heading to the Common and Cannizaro. Also don’t forget there’s the lawn tennis museum for those of you who care about tennis!

The hotel and restaurant at Cannizaro:

The rain was really spotty today, but luckily many of the trees were so huge and numerous that we could stand below the big branches without getting wet. I was so worried about my camera so during the brief showers I’d stick him under my shirt like a camera baby.

Plan your trip to Wimbledon now! It’s beautiful! They should totally hire me to promote SW19, the best postcode in London. See? I can’t speak of this place without a promotion.



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4 responses to “London’s Secret Garden

  1. We lived in Wimbledon for 3 years and spent many, many days at Cannizaro House! Did you eat there? The food is good too!

  2. I agree, I miss Wimbledon more than London! I love the Village and the Common, so pretty!

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