Sun in Battersea Park

This weekend we decided to do something different and leave our little corner of London. I used to go explore the city every weekend, but the past few months we haven’t left South West London very often. Adrian found out about a foodie festival in Battersea Park, and I’ve always wanted to go there so we headed on over.

First we stopped by the Wimbledon mall to check out the new Sony store and their 55 inch 3D TV. We watched a few seconds of a show then played a video game. Adrian says this was a smile of genuine happiness because he didn’t know I was taking a picture.

I hate 3D at the movies because the glasses are always too big and wobbly, and it’s never worth it.

This was a whole new experience. We are definitely getting one of these TVs when we move back to the US. No doubt!

Once we got to Battersea Park I was so happy we decided to try something new. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to go back within about 2 seconds of arriving. It’s like Regent’s Park, but without the tourists. Lots of trees, flowers and water.

The park also runs along the Thames. There were so many runners! If it’s nice next weekend I’m thinking of going running there as well.

We talked for about 5 minutes before we looked to the left and saw this:

Are you wondering where the foodie festival pics are? We walked up to the festival just after this, and the gate guard told us it would be £15. Per person.

“Shut the front door. Are you serious?” We walked away. Nothing says “rube” like walking up to an event, finding out it costs to get in and then turning away in disgust. Oh well. I hadn’t planned on spending £30 and since I was already having fun in the park it didn’t interest me to pay that much for something I didn’t know much about anyway.

We did decide to spend money on row boating, and it was totally worth it.

Adrian loves this picture of me because it’s so ugly. He kept zooming in on it and laughing, then he told me I have to put it on my blog:

Let me tell you. Rowing is hard work. 

Good thing I was the row boat’s official photographer. You can’t take pictures and row at the same time, can you?

Later we saw Captain America, and it was just OK. We saw Horrible Bosses Friday night and that movie was so much better than expected. Generally you can expect any Jennifer Aniston movie to be a total stinker (and I actually like her), but I laughed quite a few times and actually enjoyed it.

Until next time.



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4 responses to “Sun in Battersea Park

  1. So frustrating – we wanted to go to Jamie Oliver’s Feastival on Clapham Common but it cost a fortune! Who ends up attending these things, anyway?

    • I know! I don’t understand why they are so expensive either. You’d think Jamie wouldn’t charge since he already makes so much money and people going to his thing will likely spend even more money on the food and buying products.

  2. I love your dress! So cute! And I’m jealous of the gorgeous weather. We are so ready for fall around here!!

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