To be a man.

I’m working this weekend so I don’t have a lot to do other than document Adrian living his life.

Yesterday he played Football Manager on his iPad for 7 hours.

Seven hours is a long time. I thought it was really funny so I posted a status about it on my Facebook and three of my male friends immediately replied saying they’ve also suffered the same Football Manager addiction. One said he had to snap the disc in two a couple years ago when he was addicted, and another said the game put him on a level saying “You need to get out more. Pizza delivery again?” Adrian says if you play for a long time the game will start saying stuff like that to you.

Even though it looks a bit boring, I’m jealous. I’m never interested in anything long enough to do it for an entire day with no break.

Action shot!



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10 responses to “To be a man.

  1. I’d look worried too drawing with Wigan at home, what was the final score?

  2. I lived with three boys – all either students or job-hunting – who had lots of time on their hands and not much to do or much money to do it with. I can’t tell you how many days I’d leave for work, the boys on the couch in front of the TV killing zombies (or whatever), and come home nine or ten hours later to find them in the exact same place doing the exact same thing.


  3. polackostar

    Hulk and Pato great buys! I always promote Wilson too…That game can ruin your life lol

  4. Kathy Kuhlman

    I like how he wears his football shirt to play his game…

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