Adrian learns to cook – Part I

Wednesday was day one of Adrian’s cooking challenge. He was brave and chose an asparagus parmesan risotto for his first dish. He even made it properly – he cooked it with the onion, garlic and white wine, and he blanched the asparagus! I never bother with any of that, so my risottos aren’t the greatest. Also, I’ve never blanched a vegetable in my entire life.

The first night he sounded like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen. It was F this and F that.

But it all came together perfectly in the end. Really excellent.

This definitely convinced me it’s worth taking the time to prepare a proper risotto.


On night #2 he made carrot and chickpea burgers.

These were great because you know I always love a good veggie burger. Only problem was this:

I forgave him this time because it was only his second night cooking so he hasn’t mastered the art of simultaneous cooking + washing. He’s doing such a good job that I can’t wait to see what else he has in store! In fact, I plan on recreating his risotto for my lunch at work next week. 🙂



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4 responses to “Adrian learns to cook – Part I

  1. I am very impressed with his first attempts, definitely better than anything I could make! Looks delish!

    Loving the blogs look as well, its looking great! xx

  2. Yum! Way to go, Adrian!! I’m always too lazy to try new recipes, but lately I’ve really been wanting something different. These both look fantastic!

    • Definitely try the risotto! It’s not complicated, but you do have to stand at the stove for about 30 minutes. It’s totally worth it though. I doubled the recipe when I made it again this weekend because the original doesn’t make enough for leftovers, and if I’m spending that amount of time at the stove I want leftovers.

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