Pub Quiz by the Leaky Cauldron

Last night a handful of people from my office went to the Southwark Tavern near London Bridge/Borough Market for a pub quiz. Team name? Conquiztadors.

Want to know another fun fact? The Southwark Tavern is dangerously close to the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter. Naturally the whole time I was imagining I was sitting in the Leaky Cauldron on Diagon Alley. Who wouldn’t?

The quiz took place down in the cellar, where all the tables were reserved for us quiz takers. Each person pays a pound, and the winning team gets the entire pot.

Fellow conquiztadors.

I didn’t know many answers. I did, however, answer correctly to the question: What do Americans call bum bags? Fanny packs! Brits think this is funny because fanny doesn’t mean the same thing over here …

Sadly we didn’t win, or get last or second to last place. If you get second to last you win a bottle of wine! Last place got some nasty looking candies. The first place team got to split £54 of winnings.

Perhaps next time the conquiztadors will prevail.



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6 responses to “Pub Quiz by the Leaky Cauldron

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  3. That looks like too much fun! I wish we had more quiz nights here. They look like so much fun!!

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