Adrian’s cooking challenge

Recently we’ve begun taking 30 day challenges because the theory is that if you can make it a month there is a much higher chance you’ll develop a habit out of the change versus trying to change randomly with no end in sight. Hence the reason why New Year’s resolutions never work.

Adrian’s second challenge is to learn to cook. He’s going to take over all the meal planning, shopping and cooking for 30 days straight. What will I do with my spare time?? I see a lot of kicking back and playing video games 🙂

You should have seen his face last night as he was trying to gather recipes, figure out what ingredients we already have and what he needs to order.

I gave him only two stipulations. 1) Most of the meals have to be plant-based, and as little dairy as possible. 2) Any dairy has to be organic where possible.

He found lots of delicious looking vegetable-friendly meals that I’m excited to try, like an asparagus risotto he found on Jamie Oliver’s site. I was also proud to see two meals on his plan that said “that strawberry pasta thing Sara made last week” and “that breakfast Sara made Sunday.”

He got a bit of a rebel streak and refused to buy organic dairy, so I wasn’t too pleased about that. All in all, though, I think it’s going to be a successful month and I’m happy he’s taken on this challenge! With any luck he’ll learn to love cooking and we can fulfill my dream of being like the Neelys!


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