Boys will be boys? Part 2.

After Adrian finished cleaning the bathroom I noticed the toilet gloves on the table. Then later in the evening I went into the bathroom and noticed this. 🙂 Poor Adrian. He actually did spend a long time cleaning the bathroom. I’m not sure really what he was doing in there all that time, but I gave him credit for the effort. He asked that I mention he at least put the toilet gloves on his side of the table, and he does know it’s gross but he wasn’t paying attention because he was just “living life.”

In other news:

I’m being a big whiny butt, sitting on the couch with my arms crossed. I’m sad today:

I’m so tired of wearing a jacket every. single. day.  BOO HOO. Call the waaaaambulance …

Maybe some more of this will cheer me up?

I almost didn’t get a picture because my hand was on its way to deliver this straight to my mouth while I was snapping the pic

It’s strawberry basil pesto sauce over wheat pasta, a recipe I got from Daily Garnish, by Emily Malone. Her recipes are fantastic! I’ve also made her cornbread and broccoli cheese soup and polished both asap.

This recipe is basically just fresh strawberries blended with lots of fresh basil, sliced almonds, olive oil and lemon juice. You pour the mixture over whole wheat pasta, and top it with diced cucumbers, more strawbs and more basil! Definitely check out her recipe for full instructions because it’s super healthy, easy and totally worth making.

And how can this not help one forget it’s horrid outside?

I had to go buy two new basil plants because I completely killed the one I had. It’s death was a long time coming, though. I put basil in everything!

Look how pretty they are! (Except my dead plant. Kinda hoping he’ll regenerate, but not too hopeful)

After dinner I made Adrian’s favorite blueberry Greek yogurt pot.

Now it’s off to see Harry Potter 7 part 2 again!



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3 responses to “Boys will be boys? Part 2.

  1. I wouldn’t mind wearing a jacket right about now! Pregnancy and 100 degree heat for weeks on end does not go well together! 😦

    P.S. That pasta looks and sounds delicious! I think I’ll have to try that one out.

    • I can’t imagine being pregnant during a really hot summer!! Whenever it’s hot I want to wear the least amount of clothes possible and I don’t want anyone touching me, but having a baby is probably like having a little heater on you at all times huh?

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