The falling phone booths of Kingston

Yesterday we ventured a couple stops past Wimbledon and entered the land of Kingston. If you remember my blog header a while back I had a picture of the falling phone booths from my visit to Kingston last year, and ever since I’ve been wanting to go back to get some better pictures.

This picture is actually just outside our house. I like the “public footpath” sign and I love looking at all the red berries every day.

Now we’re in Kingston.


Main shopping street in Kingston. I much prefer to shop here than a lot of other places in London because it’s not so packed with tourists and locals that you can hardly breathe. Plus it’s so close to the Thames and overall it’s a nice area.

The Thames

I like Kingston. It’s a place where you can walk innocently along the riverside and a woman will appear in front of you offering a plate full of free Krispy Kremes. Score.

YUM. I didn’t have any, but oh I wanted some.




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8 responses to “The falling phone booths of Kingston

  1. I love Kingston! My aunt lives there and every time I visit the UK I stay with her. Those phone booths are awesome 🙂 And you’re very right about the shopping!

  2. When I lived in Putney, many moons ago, I loved shopping in Kingston. A few years later I returned to shopping there after moving to Tooting and the area has grown a bit. Definitely great for shopping and walking around. Love your phone booth pics!

  3. Kathy Kuhlman

    I wanna go there next time I visit!

  4. I wonder if anyone ever sees those phone booths and thinks they really may have fallen over and they should call somebody.

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