Do you know who these people are?

Last night Adrian showed me this picture and said, “Do you know who these people are?”

I said, “I don’t know. The one in the middle kinda looks like my Uncle Chuck, though. Is it? Who are the other two?”


I guessed X-files, but Adrian got angrier!

I still couldn’t get it.

Then he informed me it was Data, Riker and La Forge from Star Trek. Oops!


Adrian: Don’t blame me for you being a dumbass.*

*Adrian’s not as mean as he sounds.



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17 responses to “Do you know who these people are?

  1. This makes me look bad. I’m not as mean as the text in this post would imply!


  2. I was looking at it and all I came up with was uncle Chuck with the guy from Roots and another guy.

  3. I knew! I knew!

    I don’t think he looks ANYTHING like Uncle Chuck.

    • I knew I should have posted a picture of Uncle Chuck so the world could compare. I wasn’t sure if he’d be comfortable with the fame though. When I see him in September perhaps I’ll ask so the world will know he looks like Riker.

  4. Beth - Realist Mom

    No way I would have known – they just look vaguely familiar.

  5. Nati

    I knew immediately. Who got made fun of all through 5th and 6th grades for being in love with Data?! ME.

  6. Ohmygoodness that is awesome! HUGE Star Trek fan here and I am proud to say that I recognized Geordie immediately, then the other two. If good ol’ La Forge hadn’t been there, not sure if I could have picked out poor Data and Riker….

    On a slightly unrelated note, I read recently that Geordie (or LeVar Burton, as some humanoids know him) wants to do a Reading Rainbow flash mob. Intriguing…

    • I know! It’s only obvious that it’s Data after you find out, and maaaaybe I could have figured it out with enough time. And Riker, no way. I would never, ever guess.

      Bring on Reading Rainbow! I used to LOVE that show!

  7. I love reading ur blog everyday. it’s kind of humorous, lovely and exciting with places discovery….

  8. Haha, my first guess was, “that guy on the right looks a lot like the guy from Reading Rainbow.” Good to know I was right. It took me a bit longer to get the other two (and I was actually just watching an episode of Star Trek last night thanks to the fiance!), so don’t feel bad!

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