Kevin Bacon and one of his hairs

Last night I had a dream about a hair on Kevin Bacon’s head.

I know he’s been in a lot of movies, but I most likely haven’t seen 99 percent of them, and I’ve never had even two thoughts about him. He’s kind of a non-entity to me.

So why was he in my dream last night, asking me why someone I work with stalked him, collected a hair that fell off his head and then taped it to a stick to keep at our desk?

How do I answer I that? “I don’t know why my co-worker has one of your hairs on a stick.” It was really awkward, so I sent him in the direction of said co-worker.

Kevin Bacon: Look what I have. [holds up stick with his single hair attached]

Co-worker: Sh*t. That’s mine. Can I have it back?

Kevin Bacon: Well, not really. It’s actually mine. It’s my hair.

I remember standing there watching the conversation and thinking “this is really creepy,” but then I woke up. I never figured out why my not-so-freaky-in-real-life co-worker had this hairy stick and brought it to work.

Oh, did I mention that this conversation took place in Harry Potter’s castle after I’d been chased through it and almost killed? Harry Potter doesn’t even have his own castle, but in my dream he did.

A lot of times people say they don’t remember their dreams. I almost always remember mine because they are so WEIRD.



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7 responses to “Kevin Bacon and one of his hairs

  1. I’m right there with you sister. My dreams are kooky and I ALWAYS remember them.

  2. Me too! I always remember my dreams because they are downright weird most of the time. The other night I was hanging out with Paris Hilton of all people….in her bedroom….at her parents’ house…where you had to climb four flights of stairs to get there…
    I can’t remember many of the other details except that it was weird. Dreams are the most bizarre thing, especially when you’re pregnant!

  3. I remember a lot of my dreams but they are so mundane. Last night I had a dream that I came over to Connor’s house to cook dinner (which I am going to do tonight) and I forgot to bring the Snowville half and half. That’s how boring it was. I’m making a smoked salmon pasta tonight but I didn’t forget the half and half!

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