Come dine with me

In England  there is a reality show called Come Dine With Me, where four contestants each host and cook a dinner and rate each other afterward in hopes of getting the most points and winning a small monetary prize.

They usually pick slightly crazy people who appear in some cases to have never cooked before, so every time I watch it I’m thinking, “Why am I not on this show?? I could do so much better!”

I’m lucky enough to work with people who like to cook and eat as much as I do, so recently we’ve decided to  start having dinners for each other although we don’t hold up a scorecard and rate the food at the end. 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of mine a couple months ago, but I have some pictures to share from Saturday night’s meal, which was wonderful of course!

Manuela, the newbie at work, jumped right in and invited a couple of us over for a meal.

All the photos are courtesy of the fabulous Chris Benedict’s iPhone since I forgot my camera.

The menu she sent us:

– Bacon and leek filo parcels with salad
– Pollo alla cacciatora — proper Italian style (chicken with tomato sauce, green olives and peppers, no anchovies)
– Pavlova

I loved all her glass jars filled with pastas. I can’t wait until we get settled somewhere so I can buy things like this. I have tons of pastas and grains floating around in my cabinets begging for a cute glass home like this!

And here’s our lovely chef!

I look like some kind of frazzled drunk in this picture. Also, that thing sticking out of my head isn’t actually on my head. It was something on the wall.

I was so impressed with all the food, but extra impressed with the dessert because I’m not a dessert maker, and meringues always sounded like something impossibly hard to make.

It’s fun to be around people who like to cook, although being in the kitchen with Adrian is so funny sometimes that I’m going to record him cooking and put it on YouTube soon. Food and curse words fly all over the kitchen, a place where Adrian says everything goes wrong.

One time I told him I just needed him to chop a red onion and I’d be right back. He chopped the onion, but didn’t peel it properly. He said, “How can you f*&^ing tell? It’s all the same color.”

Another time I had him help out with a stir fry. When I went in the kitchen I asked why there were noodles stuck all over the wall by the stove. He said because he was shaking it in the pan to mix it up like chefs do and some fell out.

I have plans to teach him how to cook burritos with refried beans tonight …



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12 responses to “Come dine with me

  1. I LOVE hosting parties so I am pretty obsessed with the show. I follow them on Facebook…hoping to apply…maybe 🙂

    It’s so awesome to have friends who cook. It’s such a nice relaxing thing to do. *Sigh* So jealous.

  2. Manuela

    Thanks Sara, I’m pleased everyone enjoyed the evening! One day I’ll move to a bigger place so I can invite more than 3 people at a time 🙂

  3. Sara, let me know when you plan a house party will prepare multi cuisine dishes…

  4. Looks like a great time! I thought you were going to say that Adrian had thrown the noodles on the wall to see if the stuck and were therefore “ready”. 🙂 Speaking of pasta mishaps, my husband managed to dump all of the pasta down the drain over the weekend while he was trying to strain it. Oops. Had to make a whole new pot.

    • Ha ha! That’s funny you mention that because I bet you Adrian has never even heard of the pasta-on-the-wall trick lol. And yeah, we don’t have garbage disposals over here so no food down the drain for us 😦

  5. I’m obsessed with Come Dine With Me! They’ve been airing it in Canada for the past couple of years and we even have our own version now. The people are just as ridiculous. The thing I love about the British version is how much meringue is involved. Here, i only ever see lemon meringue pie, never just meringue on its own. Now I’m in love with merinuge! lol

    • Can you believe I’ve never even had meringue until about a month ago?? It’s SO good. I ate two slices of pavlova 🙂 But yeah, I just can’t believe people’s attitudes on that show, it’s so funny!

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