Wrong kind of sun.

I forgot to post this. It’s so funny. Remember last week when England had the second hot day of the year? Turns out it was so hot (80 degrees F) that trains leaving London were delayed for hours.

The photo is courtesy of my friend at work, Amit, whose train was delayed by more than an hour due to heat!

What you have to understand about England is that throughout the year the temperature is always fairly mild, so it’s never too hot or too cold. When it breaks a boundary on either side chaos ensues. People are stuck in the city for hours, trapped in trains over night with no food or water, that kind of thing.



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6 responses to “Wrong kind of sun.

  1. WOW really. 80 would feel great here. I live in TX and it is really hot. Starting hitting 3 digits even before summer officially started. But this post did make me giggle a little. :0)

    • I know!! The sad thing is I’m starting to get used to this crazy cold weather so I might start soon thinking 80 is really hot!! I used to live in Texas as well, so I know how awful it can be sometimes!

  2. That is hilarious! How can heat make the trains stop? I am baffled! Rail in England is always pretty hilarious, in winter you get delayed due to light dustings of snow or ‘wet tracks’, in autumn you get delayed due to leaves in the tracks and now the wrong kind of sun ruins summer… brilliant!!xx

  3. That’s funny! I think every place is like that in a way though. We Texans freak the F out if it gets too cold for too long or there is ANY accumulation of ice or snow on the ground. And in the north, they get into a tizzy if it gets above 90 because with no A/C, they aren’t prepared for it. It’s crazy how we all just get used to whatever weather we have to deal with:)

    • Yeah I know! I remember when I was young in Florida seeing snow for the first time and it was so weird. Of course it was just crappy little snowflakes, but I bet everyone was freaking out!

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