A place called Strawberry Hill

This weekend was our two year wedding anniversary! We didn’t plan anything special, but we got really lucky because as an anniversary present England gave us what has been only the second day of hot weather this entire year. We still didn’t have a plan, but when I saw that the weatherman didn’t lie and it was, in fact, sunny with heat I ran around the apartment getting ready as fast I could.

We decided to go to our favorite pub in nearby Earlsfield, and then we threw around ideas of places we could go with no planning. We’d heard of Strawberry Hill, but knew absolutely nothing about it. We decided with a name like “Strawberry Hill” that it must be a lovely place so we hopped on a train at Wimbledon and left. Strawberry Hill is also in South West London, so it took only about 20 minutes to get there by train.

Even though we weren’t going anywhere near a beach or pool, I still wore my bikini top and painted my toenails (something that never happens) to commemorate the occasion. I got my shorts and shirt this weekend from Banana Republic –  not generally my favorite store, but they have GREAT sales!

As soon as we got off the train at Strawberry Hill we walked down the street and saw a gothic castle-like building called Strawberry Hill house.

Such a gorgeous day.

We got lucky again and there happened to be a free music festival happening on the grounds, so of course the air was filled with the smell of BBQ. 🙂

Based on how cool the outside looked, we decided to pay the £8 per person to go inside the house. Huge mistake. It was cool, but there was nothing in the house, and we were in and out within 15 minutes. The audio tour was simply awful, and all the people who were either hired or volunteers may as well have just gone home because they obviously didn’t want to be there. I’ve been into a lot of places like this and I don’t mind paying the money, but this is by far the most worthless place I’ve paid to enter. It was an even worse rip off than the Criminals Hall of Fame in Niagara Falls. At least that place was so pathetic it was funny.

I was so angry that I wanted to ask for a refund, but you can’t exactly ask for a refund from a heritage site.

Also, they make you wear plastic bags over your feet to protect the floor. Fair enough, I suppose, but it was really hot out and my feet were sweaty!

Bet you’d never guess this is the Thames! It’s so pretty and smells so nice before it flows through London. There were even people swimming in it!

Overall the day was a success and it’s a beautiful area. Just don’t pay to go in the house …


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