A lovely English pub lunch

Every English person has a local pub it seems, so we were excited when we finally found ours a few weeks ago. The Wimbledon area is generally very nice so we are lucky to have a good selection of quality pubs around, but The Wandle (named after the local river) in Earlsfield tops them all. The food is wonderful, the pub is beautiful and has a nice garden out back with plenty of flowers, tables and a BBQ for the weekends, and you don’t have to worry about any rowdy clientele spilling beer on you because they got too excited about a potential football goal.

Essentially, this place is as close to perfect as a pub can get so naturally we came here for a big meal on our 2nd anniversary.

Because it was so nice we decided to sit out back in the garden.

Adrian was having a hard time with the 80 degree heat. I felt bad for him, but I said now he knows how terrible I feel when the weather is cold! Cold weather is so painful for me because I have poor circulation in my hands and feet, so I never complain about being too hot.

The giant flying ants came out of nowhere this weekend, so although it wasn’t fun to be attacked by them it was amusing to watch other people be attacked.

I especially love how they print new food menus for the day. I went with the Sunday veggie roast, which was a cashew and mushroom wellington, and Adrian had a burger with stilton and bacon.

I must say I’m not generally a fan of cheeses like stilton, but this was exceptional. I kept stealing bits of cheese the fell off his burger!

Mine came with a giant Yorkshire pudding. The cashew and mushroom wellington was set on top of squash and fresh green green beans. On the side was cauliflower with what I think was a gorgonzola light cheese sauce. The gravy was excellent as well because it was also really light. I don’t know if gravy can be described as refreshing, but it was. Even though it was a hot day I polished my plate!

I know I should have gotten better pictures, but I really couldn’t wait to eat this.

After the meal we went inside to cool off a bit.

I loved the old suitcase table they had at the corner couch by the antique chairs.

Then it was off to Strawberry Hill!



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9 responses to “A lovely English pub lunch

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  2. Happy Anniversary! You just made me really, really hungry with those food pictures! Yum.

    I love that 80 degrees is so hot:) It was 81 this morning on my drive in to work….at 7:30am. It will get above 100 everyday this week. I’m pretty sure Adrian would melt here!

    • Thanks! Yes, Adrian actually told me he’s really worried about moving back because it’s SO much hotter over there in the summer. He’s worried he won’t be able to take it! It’s so funny!

  3. The pub is so beautiful! I wish we had something like that in Houston. Seems like an enjoyable anniversary. Congrats!

  4. When I read books, I always imagine pubs to be small and dark and packed with people. How beautiful this place is!!! Happy Anniversary Sara and Adrian!

  5. I just saw this commercial, that totally shows how I visualized an English pub. I quickly looked it up on Youtube and I’m sharing it with you now. 🙂

    I hope this link works!

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