Does your cat sign greeting cards?

Mine does.

We always make sure to have our cat “sign” cards to members of the family on holidays, birthdays, whatever. We write “Harris” in really shaky handwriting, like he’s just a little boy who is still learning how to write. Sometimes we also draw a paw print or try to outline the paw,  although that generally doesn’t work as well because you know how cats are.

One time Harris actually bought my dad a Father’s Day card specifically from him. The card had a picture of a ginger cat on it and he was sitting in a home between two framed pictures of kids. The inside read something like “I may not look the same as your other kids, but I love you just as much.” Then it was signed by Harris and given to my dad.

Last year Harris got me a Mother’s Day card:



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6 responses to “Does your cat sign greeting cards?

  1. I totally sign greeting cards from the cats. I even draw a little paw print. They are lucky I don’t take a pawprint and stamp it on there instead.

    • It makes me happy that I’m not the only person, or rather, that my family isn’t the only family 🙂 And yes, I’ve considered the stamp thing too. Maybe if I find something safe that won’t make them sick or stain the floors! We’ve been known to color bits of their hair on Easter when we were coloring eggs … lol

  2. Noah left for Florida with my parents, etc. on Wednesday and I packed him a card for Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. One of the cards, I had filled the entire left inside with “Woof,” “Bark,” and “Meow” and the other side was the translation. It was all about how much the pups and the cat missed him and they hoped he was having a good time. So, yeah, we’re just as odd as you over here.

  3. A

    I actually have a pawprint stamp haha.


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