The long con?

I don’t normally like showing off because I fully realize no one cares about the things I’m above mediocre at, but when I play Tetris all I can think about is: “How can I get my friends over here so I can show them how good I am at stacking blocks?”

I love Tetris because every block that slides together gives me a smidgen of satisfaction. Add up all those smidgens and you’ve got one giant good mood put together by the end of the evening. And the music? I could hum it all day. Love it!

You know what’s even better? I’m so good that I beat Adrian almost every time. Then I started thinking. I realized I’m not this good at anything – especially not video games. He always beats me, and if I happen to beat him a few times at a new game it’s only a matter of days, if not hours, before he is miles better than I’ll ever be.

Sometimes he is SO much better than me, like with Wii tennis, that I have zero hope of ever winning even accidentally so I get fed up and never look at the game box again. This has happened a few times.

If you have seen LOST I’m sure you’ll remember the episode called “The Long Con.”

One of the main characters of the show, Sawyer, gets with a woman named Cassidy who finds out he’s a con artist. She’s intrigued, so they start conning people together and eventually she asks how to pull a long con. You find out that she is, in fact, Sawyer’s long con, and he’s been planning from the beginning to steal a large sum of money she received in her divorce settlement that she thinks she’s hidden from him.

I feel like I may be Cassidy, except with Tetris. Adrian has always sworn he’d never let me win even one game of anything, so for weeks I never suspected until I realized my constant wins might be a long con – intended to boost my confidence and send me to bed with a smile each night.

I’ve never known Adrian to lie to me in 10 years. So this is a huge point for him when he says he hasn’t been letting me win for months to make me believe I’m good at a game. Also, I beat his all time high score. On the other hand, I just can’t compete with him in any other game, so why this one? Am I truly a Tetris rising star?

What do you think? By the way, this is my blog’s first poll, and I’m super excited about it!



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5 responses to “The long con?

  1. I voted NO he is not conning you. FYI Hot Joe beats EVERYONE at EVERYTHING. Seriously. It’s pointless to play him. I read voraciously and he looks at car magazines and he still wins at Scrabble or WordsFree. It’s maddening.

    • I know how frustrating that can be!! Hence the reason I was over the moon about discovering something I can beat him at. Just keep searching and you’ll find it! There should be a support group for wives who can’t beat their husbands at anything lol.

  2. I voted ‘no’ but not because I think Adrian is too honest for this kind of stunt. In my experience, he loves telling lies just to see if you believe them. But I think it’s unlikely that he could have kept that prank to himself for so many months. Eventually he would have been dying to stomp you in a game, just to see the look on your face.

    So, my money says, you are just really good at tetris.

    • I tend to agree with your analysis, although it reminded me of a story I maybe should have mentioned. I might just write a post about it because I think people who know Adrian will enjoy it.

    • Wait, I just reread your comment and saw that you actually said NOT because he’s that honest. I did think it was a bit odd that you had this view of Adrian being a super honest gentleman when you’ve seen his pranks and stuff. Funny!

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