When your first pet dies.

Some girls know from a young age that they want to be mothers. They carry baby dolls around and practice for when the real thing happens. One time for a middle school class project I had a bag of rice that I was supposed to put clothes on and pretend like it was my baby, and I was so interested that my “baby” spent most of its short life in the back of my locker.

The only time I’ve ever felt maternal was when I was preparing for the arrival of our little baby girl, Tiger. I was 10 and we’d never had a family pet before. I’d wanted a cat for so long that I couldn’t think about anything else besides how much I was going to love and take care of Tiger. I always imagined this is how women feel when they think about having a baby.

She was still a really small Calico kitten when she came to live with us and I loved her SO much even though she was kind of evil. She was so out of control that we had to get another cat, Boo, for her to play with so she wouldn’t run around biting our feet anymore.

They became best friends, or a lesbian couple, however you want to look at it. Boo was the only cat Tiger ever loved.  Boo joined Star Clan back in March, and like any long time lover Tiger joined Star Clan yesterday after only 3 months without her Boo. My friend at work said it’s like The Cat Notebook.

This picture made me so sad! It was taken this weekend while she was sick before they could get her to the vet.

Here is Tiger back when she was healthy during an Easter photoshoot my sister did with the cats. Don’t laugh. Karen is a photographer and we love our cats.

Tiger on the Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Us together about 3 years ago.

Tiger loved to read at night with her daddy. She’d sit there every night and just look at the pages. Kind of weird actually!

Tiger even loved her New York Times.

Goodbye Tiger!



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7 responses to “When your first pet dies.

  1. Ahhh. I’m so sorry. I love my babies so I can’t imagine. 😦

  2. Thanks 😦 At least they lived long happy lives!

  3. Aw, I’m so sorry about your kitty! I just posted a silly post about my cat and then clicked on your blog to read this. So sad:( But a very sweet love story between lesbian cats! She just couldn’t live without her bestie….

  4. Absolutely brilliant photo’s! Especially the Easter shot, that’s really cool. I only laughed at Tiger ‘reading’, I don’t know why I put quotation marks around the word reading, because i don’t think its ironic, I think Tiger is actually reading from the intense concentration.
    That is a really sad picture, the one where Tiger is ill, but pictures like that help to remind you of why they left us and help us to cope, I think. I’m really sorry for you.

    A note about the rice bag: my friends son did a similar project recently with a bag of flour. My friend was not amused and neither was his son. he had to look after the bag of flour for a week as if it was a baby then write a report at the end of each day. On day two, it was shrove Tuesday, he used some of the bag of flour to make pancakes and wrote in the report that his was a ‘battered baby’! Just after Easter, he changed schools….

    • That’s funny! Shrove Tuesday lol. Those baby projects are so worthless, but funny!

      And thanks for the compliment on my sister’s photo shoots. She’ll be glad to know people enjoyed them! She does one for every holiday! One time I think Tiger didn’t like what she was reading because she reached over and tore the page out with her teeth. I don’t think my dad was very happy.

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