I love Britney Spears.

The first time I heard “Baby One More Time” I was off school sick. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I was like: WOW, I have to remember who this is! Britney. Spears. S-p-e-a-r-s. I spell things out sometimes so I don’t forget them. Who knew she’d become mega-psycho famous?

After her first couple songs people started acting like Britney-love wasn’t cool. Since I was a dumb high-schooler I acted like I didn’t like Britney either, even though I secretly did. When I was 19 I broke down and bought her CD, but I kept it a secret. I was still concerned with being cool even at that age. She had her Las Vegas marriage,  K-fed thing and then the famous bald psychotic breakdown so she wasn’t making music for a while and I kind of forgot about her because I don’t really care about all that crap. I’m in it for the music.

Are you telling me when you first heard songs like Toxic that you didn’t nod your head and shake your butt a little?

A few months ago I heard her new CD, Femme Fatale. I tried getting everyone to listen to it because I was jamming away every day but people kept describing the songs with words such as “shit” and “crap,” or simply ignoring me.

Sure, it may be mindless and simple, but I enjoy it. Isn’t that the point of music? Why waste my time searching for trendy underground music that only five people know about when I’ve got Britney right there churning out tunes to make me jam. The way I see it, I can jam with effort, or I can jam with no effort. I’ll take the no effort, thanks.

You know what, while we’re having this coming out session I’ll go ahead and come out with something else. I’m a huge Miley Cyrus fan. Like, serious. I even own this T-shirt:

I only wear that in front of my closest friends even though secretly it’s my favorite shirt. Oh, and don’t get me started on how much I love Party in the USA.

OK. I’m done now.



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9 responses to “I love Britney Spears.

  1. Ben Corn

    oh man…

  2. Hmmm, not a fan of Miley but Britney, hell yeah! I love that girl! I’m not sure that there are many Pete Doherty/ Britney Spears fans but i don’t care, it’s not about being cool, I have never been cool. And britney rocks the socks off everyone, whatever they may say to the contrary.

  3. I was at this massive music festival this weekend and they played “Ooops I Did It Again” between acts. I never really payed close enough attention before, but I realized that is actually a very mean spirited song.

  4. All of the pop princesses get on my nerves for some reason: katy perry, lady gaga, ke$ha (I can’t stand her valley girl voice!!), etc. What I hate the most is when their songs are actually catchy and I find myself singing along. Toxic came out when I went out a lot, and yeah that’s some good stuff:)
    Speaking of Miley, my husband loves Party in the USA. I’ve given him so much shit for that, but it’s so damn catchy! Just don’t tell him I told you;)

    • I hate Ke$ha because she puts a $ instead of an s. I hate anyone who does that. Still, I can’t stop myself from singing Tik Tok even though it’s so annoying, so I know how you feel.

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